Friday, October 17, 2008

Total Titans

The MVN redesign has been completed. Naturally, as is seemingly a requirement of all redesigns, links were broken. At least in this case it's only links to all old posts, and the site itself, which you can now find at All posts since Tuesday have also apparently disappeared into the ether, which makes me glad I didn't bother writing what I planned on.

Since we won't be using this place as a backup, I'll be posting some of my own original content. I have a couple book reviews written, plus I've been putting off a linkage post because of the potential takeover.

UPDATE (10/17/08 2152 CT): Updated Total Titans link, since I had it wrong earlier. Editorial commentary deleted.

UPDATE #2 (10/17/08 2209 CT): Injury report posted. If the post looks ugly, that's because MVN's new software is a fucking piece of crap that won't display my post properly. If there's no actual post there, it's because MVN's new software is a fucking piece of crap. If I'm swearing a lot this post, it's because my early review of MVN's new software is that it's a fucking piece of crap and I'm frustrated.

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