Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Total Titans

I may or may not have a new post up at Total Titans asking for questions about the Colts for our Q&A this week. The observant may realize that I don't mention who the Q&A will be with. That's because I don't know. If the post isn't there, it's because clicking "Publish" on MVN results in a post vanishing into the ether instead of the post being published.

This post brought to you by the pass targets post I wanted to write tonight but couldn't because Total Titans' archives seem to have disappeared.

UPDATE: Well, the post isn't showing up on Total Titans, or via the direct link, but is available under my name. Have I mentioned before that new returns to me on the redesign are deeply, deeply negative? Because, well, they are. I'll have to check traffic numbers-it wouldn't surprise me to see us down 50% from the month before the redesign to after, and early returns on comment traffic are even worse. If only they'd done the redesign in like February, I could cheerfully ignore the site for a month, but, no, they had to do it in a month I'd like to actually write posts. Ok, enough whining for now.

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