Thursday, November 06, 2008


More links... must post more links...

If I did more screen-cap/video work, I'd be doing more on things like looking at pursuit angles.

Fluff on LenDale White, from Paul Kuharsky. Praise for his feet (eh), production (thanks, OL), and vision (eh). Better at going forward and not trying to take everything outside now, but that doesn't make him good. Ron Dayne still looks like a really good comp.

Lombardi on Singletary, among other topics. Another great player who failed to have an understanding or even acceptance of players who didn't play the way he did is Michael Jordan, who apparently delighted in humiliating Kwame Brown in practice during his comeback with the Wizards.

How valuable exactly is the statistic punts inside the 20? Not quite as worthless as you might think. Unfortunately, it's pretty much impossible to divorce punters and their statistics from their coverage units.

18 to 88 took a look at the tape of Titans-Colts, and came away somewhat optimistic.

Surprising draft prospects from NFP.

Roos, Haynesworth, Finnegan, and Fish made Pro Football Weekly's first-half All-Pro team.

Courtesy of the Chattanooga Times Free Press, a look at Phil Fulmer's contract (PDF). If you haven't read a college contract before (I think the only other one I've linked to is WVU coach Bill Stewart's), it's worth a gander. Note how much of the income comes from actual coaching, and how much from other activities. And, yes, the reported $6 mil to buyout Fulmer's contract is legit. Sports Economist properly notes these buyouts are market-driven, silly as they seem. Note, though, that four agents represent almost all coaches, an interesting marketability and market power point.

Ok, the deepest foray into politics. For ESPN, Lester Munson looked at the sports impact of the Obama election. The key point, and one of local interest, is Obama's election likely increases the likelihood Chicago will throw a bunch of money down the drain on boondoggle public projects host the 2016 Summer Olympics. Note also that McCain (as with Romney) were among the more aggressive people in exposing the bribery relating to SLC's hosting of the 2002 Winter Olympics. If you're a single issue sports-subsidy voter (and I don't recommend you are), you were probably much better off with McCain instead of Obama. Sorry. (For the record, I didn't vote this year, partly because I didn't support either McCain or Obama.)

Finally, so as not to end on a political note, Smart Football breaks down last weekend's Texas-Texas Tech game. More love for Mike Leach's awesomeness, and do read the Michael Lewis profile if you haven't already.

And, if you believe it, I'm actually caught up through Tuesday's reading. Amazing, I know.

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