Wednesday, November 05, 2008


More link dump content.

The BCS as an exercise in matching. For all its flaws, it's definitely better than what came before it.

Love for Cortland Finnegan.

A list of the Mormons in the NFL. No Titans.

More awesomeness from Smart Football: on line splits.

More on the value of a touchdown and the value of a passing touchdown. I've been meaning to muck around with the "true" value of the various elements to quarterback ratings, but that's probably an offseason project.

More defensive dorkery from DGDB&D.

Draft geekery: National Football Post's top 10 RBs. See also RealScouts on the top senior running backs.

Dr. Z and Mike Giddings on the NFL team of the 1990's.

LenDale White talked to The Sporting News before the Colts game. Fluff, of course.

Breaking down Ohio State's spread attack.

Love for Kerry Collins after the Colts game, from RealScouts. You mean you can pass against a 4-4 on regular downs? See also Ted Sundquist's review.

The big thing about this year's Titans team that makes them better: they're winning games by more than one score.

Michael Lombardi breaks down how the Giants have drafted. A similar post may be forthcoming on the Titans, or at least where the starters came from. See also Rick Gosselin on where the Giants' starters came from.

UPDATE (11/5/08 2215 CT): Added the Gosselin link to the last item.

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