Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thoughts on College Football: Week Ten

Company this weekend, so this post is a little delayed.

Cincinnati 24 - South Florida 10
How the mighty have fallen-a year ago the Bulls were #2 in the country, and unbeaten. A collapse at the end of last year, though, and the bloom was really off the rose. The initial optimism after a victory over Kansas is over, as the defense didn't do its job and Graunke didn't make the plays again.

Michigan State 25 - Wisconsin 24
This really felt like a Life on the Margins game-Sparty really outplayed Wisconsin, but almost didn't win.

Purdue 48 - Michigan 42
Yes, Michigan doesn't have a very good defense. Pat, don't use putting up lots of points against Michigan as a justification for claiming Penn State has a good offense. Also, cool winning TD on a hook-and-ladder play.

Pitt 36 - Notre Dame 33 (4 OT)
This has to be the most boring 4 OT game in which every OT had a score. Ineffective offense-Pitt should never pass, ND should never run, and ND's offense features too many stupid low percentage deep fades. I spent too much time watching this game.

Florida 49 - Georgia 10
Of course, this game was so awfully uncompetitive that watching Pitt-ND wasn't the worst alternative. Georgia really got stomped-UF is playing much better than they were earlier in the year. That, or Georgia really isn't that good. I've suspected that for quite a while now, and I can't tell how much of this game was UF and how much was UGA.

Oklahoma 62 - Nebraska 28
OU is back to its normal ways, putting up a huge early lead and then taking the rest of the game off. Doesn't do much to support great defense.

Texas Tech 39 - Texas 33
Ah, what a great game. Exciting, back and forth, surprising results, dramatic ending. Texas Tech really impressed me on both the offensive and defensive lines-they won both matchups, the same way Oregon State did when they upset USC. The challenge for the Red Raiders will be going undefeated-I think they'll hold off Oklahoma State this week, but lose in Norman to Boomer Sooner.

Oregon State 27 - Arizona State 25
Close game, not great teams. I'd still love to see Oregon State win the Pac-10.

And such is the week that was from my more distracted-than-normal view.

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