Saturday, December 13, 2008


Time for another collection of links. I have a bunch saved up, so I'll be sorting out a number of them for those that aren't outdated. All the draft stuff will probably end up in a separate post.

In my review of The League, one thing I didn't really mention is the NFL's struggles over single-individual ownership (generally) and control (unconditionally) of a franchise. This came up most notably with respect to the Steelers, and Dan Rooney's buyout of his brothers. This is something I'll probably be mentioning again soon.

Jeff Fisher, in a nutshell: Don't ask a player to do anything he can't do well. There's a lot I can write about this, so I won't write anything more.

Andrew Brandt puts the Raiders in the Hall of Shame for cutting DeAngelo Hall after signing him and giving him a big contract. Actually a smart move, showing a recognition of the endowment effect. Brandt also points out something I should have remembered-cap acceleration in 2009 works differently, because 2010 is uncapped so you can't forward money there.

Something I really should have written about: back when the SI article on Haynesworth came out, Brian Goff of The Sports Economist did a very interesting post using that as a jumping-off point on looking at positional value.

Neat little insight into Chester Pitts, the oboe-playing grocery store worker from last year's NFL Network Super Bowl commercial, from his agent, Jack Bechta, writing at National Football Post.

Some general advice from Robert Boland on college coaching searches, and the way to and not to do them. He's critical of Michigan for hiring RichRod as being inconsistent with its tradition.

Something I hadn't known about Fisher: he almost ended up selling software instead of becoming an NFL coach. Just doesn't seem right.

Smart Football on luck and noise in football. That whole "dynamic equilibria" point seems to be really hard to get across, or maybe I just speak to much in probabilistic terms for most people.

Scouts Inc on ways to attack the Titans D. Run at Jevon Kearse is reasonably obvious-I really need to do Player Game Analysis so I can write about how much of a liability he is. Also notes that the Titans are really good, which somewhat minimizes what you can do strategy-wise.

A look at the pregame routines of some of the Colts. Better than the usual "breakfast and what's on the ipod" fluff.

SB Nation got a potful of money. Editorial commentary preemptively deleted.

Interesting data dump from new blogroll member Advanced NFL Stats, particularly average net punt distance by starting field position.

The top colleges by NFL value, from PFR blog. See also part 2.

Finally, for now, fellow FO-ite Travis's awesome page on the history of the fair catch kick. Note particularly all the amazed comments by people coming to the page after the Rackers kick.

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