Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thoughts on College Football: Week Fourteen

As I just noted, I skipped Weeks 12 and 13. I'd say sorry, but I'm not. I'm picking up the torch, though, with Week 14.

Texas 49 - Texas A&M 9
I believe this game was 21-3 before I checked it after getting home from Detroit and checking the Arizona-Philadelphia score first. No reason to watch it.

Pittsburgh 19 - West Virginia 15
If bad clock management was punishable by summary execution, Mountaineer coach Bill Stewart would be dead by now.

Nebraska 40 - Colorado 31
A wonderfully misleading final score, as the Huskers took a 33-31 lead on a last-minute FG from 57 yards and then got a random defensive score at the end, a la Florida-Auburn in 2006. The play of the game was, of course, Nebraska fake FG flip, which Colorado was kind enough to intercept and run back for a touchdown.

Boise State 61 - Fresno State 10
How to run up the score in the second half, by the Boise State Broncos. This game was 13-10 at the half.

Arizona State 34 - UCLA 9
Arziona State's scoring "drives" total 28 yards. Yes, that's 28 as in "twenty-eight". How do you score 34 points on 28 yards, you ask? 4 defensive touchdowns is the answer, thanks to some grossly incompetent play by UCLA quarterback Kevin Craft. Remember how bad UCLA was in the first half against an awful Tennessee team at the beginning of the year? I'm pretty sure they weren't any better this game. Thankfully their offensive geniuses Rick Neuheisel and Norm Chow are around to fix this problem.

Virginia Tech 17 - Virginia 14
ACC football: it's crap-tastic! Mostly noting this game, which produced a BCS championship game team, which was too awful to actually watch.

Georgia Tech 45 - Georgia 42
I spent much more of my time watching this game. Matthew Stafford is still who I thought he is-a QB who will make 3-5 throws a game that absolutely wow you. He was, I believe, 17 of 24 for 270 yards and 4 TDs in the first half of this game. The most impressive throw as a skinny post about 25 yards downfield that was just perfectly placed. Peyton couldn't have done it any better. Of course, I believe he was under 50% accuracy in the second half, which is why he'll probably be a bust. Comp I came up with: Derek Anderson last year.

Kansas 40 - Mizzou 37
When I wasn't watching the battle of the 5th state I lived in, I was watching the Border War between the two previous states I lived in. I still love Todd Reesing, the best quarterback in the country if you were banned from throwing more than 10 yards downfield. Gotta give him credit, though-the winning pass to Kerry Meier (backup QB/TE) was more than 10 yards downfield, a simple seam route that was thrown up on faith against a blitz. The epitome of that play, for me, is Florida's in its upset of eventual BCS champ LSU in 2003.

Texas Tech 35 - Baylor 28
Our Sooner coronation nearly ran off the rails before it began, as the Bears held a 4th quarter lead on the Red Raiders, who played much of the game without Michael Crabtree, before finally failing because they're really not very good. Scary thought: Baylor QB Robert Griffin may be no more than the 7th best QB in the conference. He'd be no worse than 4th in the SEC.

Florida 45 - Florida State 15
I'd hoped against hope the Noles would make a game of this one at home, as it seemed like the last, best hope for chaos, but alas such was not to be.

Alabama 36 - Auburn 0
I didn't even have hope against hope this game would add a single element of chaos, and of course it did not. For the record, the 3 QBs in the SEC I'd take above Griffin are Tebow, Stafford, and probably Snead.

Oregon 65 - Oregon State 38
It seemed like every time I flipped to this game Oregon was scoring again. That's because they were. A Beavers defense that had previously been mostly respectable outside of the first 20 or so minutes against Penn State suddenly looked ridiculously awful, and the Rose Bowl dream died.

USC 38 - Notre Dame 3
The real number for Notre Dame this game is 0, as in how many first downs they put up in the first 44 minutes of the game. Somehow, Charlie Weis is still employed as of when I last checked. Nice contract.

Oklahoma 61 - Oklahoma State 41
Boomer Sooner. This team can put up points with anybody, and I do mean absolutely anybody. The Cowboys' most productive offensive weapon was Zac Robinson scrambling, something I'm sure Urban Meyer will be salivating over if the Gators get past Alabama in the SEC championship game, which I'm inclined to think they will. Gators DC Charlie Strong, on the other hand, is probably shaking in his boots. It's been a while since the Gators have given up 60+ in a bowl game, but they might this year. For the record, again, I don't see Mizzou stopping the Sooner express.

And such is the week that was in college football in my book.

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