Friday, January 02, 2009


WVU coach Bill Stewart, never-ending source of West Virginia jokes, or is that West Virginia as joke?

An explanation of the ELO rating, from PFR blog.

Last year's CFB blog war topic, over-recruiting is back, this time by Butch Davis. Doc Saturday has the report. I know why coaches do it, but that doesn't mean I don't think it's deplorable. For more on college coaches and the unequal bargaining relationship with athletes, see the inability to amend the LOI.

Bowl game swag for players, for each bowl game.

The Arena Football League has canceled its 2009 season. I'd love to know more about exactly why this happened. This article gets into the decision to cancel, but doesn't cover the broader story of how it got to that point.

Matt Bowen reveals another dirty secret: the player politics of Pro Bowl voting.

The 50 most influential people in sports business, the annual list. Jerry Jones over Goodell is wrong, because Goodell is the one destroying the NFL remaking the NFL in his preferred image.

RIP, former Iowa State RB Stevie Hicks. Just couldn't handle not playing football.

Yahoo Sports looks at an interesting issue-college football's most profitable part isn't run by the same people who run the rest of the CFB season. This is why a a playoff is such a complicated thing to set up-the same people aren't in charge of everything.

Smart Football chimes in on Paul Johnson's Flexbone offense, another post on which was part of my previous links post.

Andrew Brandt, on creative uses of cap room. An important part of the behind-the-scenes game.

Bill Polian likes better playoff seeding, rest of NFL doesn't.

PFR blog took a look at how good Marvin Harrison would have been without Peyton Manning. Keyshawn (who's been yapping during this Rose Bowl) sounds like a reasoanble comp, in terms of quality, though I don't think they're very similar in terms of playstyle.

Adrian Peterson really fumbles a lot for a good RB. PFR blog looks at just how much a problem we should consider this to be.

Travis takes requests: fewest pass attempts by an NFL team in a game, in the past 30 years.

Chris of Smart Football gets really, really peeved at ESPN's awful (and awfully late) article on the A-11 offense. Some degree of rationality ruin here.

Mark Cuban makes the case for why pro sports need newspapers. I'm not convinced, but it's an interesting argument.

Robert Boland of NFP writes about the NFL coaching carousel, and proposes NFL teams hire an "Asset Manager", somebody to help the owner manage the organization and not be an idiot owner like Drayton McLane (sorry, peeved Astros fan).

Finally, for now, Jack Bechta on NFP shares some war stories about finding clients as an agent.

Well, I skipped a few articles, but that's a pretty good job of catchup if I may say so myself.

UPDATE (1/6/09 2200 CT): Added the link to the post explaining "rationality ruin", per the question in the comments.


Jon said...

What is rationality ruin?

Tom said...

Sorry, I meant to post a link in there to this post at Overcoming Bias. Another way to think about it, is the the conflation of value judgments and morality. I normally really enjoy Chris's site, particularly for his generally clear-eyed explanations of what's going on out there on the football field, but just think he goes a little bit over the top in attacking the (really stupid and very late to the game) ESPN piece.

Tom said...

And I added that same link to "rationality ruin" in the text of the post itself.

Jon said...

Thanks. I heard of the A-11, but that's because the Football Outsiders linked it a while back. I'm not sure how much of the world outside of more serious football fans were aware of it. I imagine that it was new to quite a bit of the ESPN mag readership.