Thursday, January 01, 2009


Happy New Year to everybody. I hope you're as disappointed as I am in the paucity of good college football played today. That'll be the subject of a future post, but now it's time to d a better job of cleaning out the old football bookmarks.

Nice breakdown of TTU's offense, from a preview of the Oklahoma game.

What the box score (including PBP) of a 93-68 game looks like. Yes, football. West Texas A&M's QB was 42 of 63 for 595 yards and 7 TDs. In a losing effort.

Jim Schwartz profile in the New York Times, from around the time of Titans-Jets.

The value of a sack, from Advanced NFL Stats. The most interesting stuff is the chance of converting by down and distance, and the point expectancy data.

PFR blog looked at whether head-to-head was the right tiebreaker. They're more in favor of H2H than I expected. Personally, I think it makes more sense in the NFL than in college, primarily because of a more even distribution of talent.

Vic Ketchman, who does an excellent job with, took a look back at his experience with the first 15 years of the team.

Who the players are in the coaching agent business, from Robert Boland of National Football Post.

Breakdown of Georgia Tech's Flexbone offense. Football geekery porn at its finest.

Financial crisis note: the NFL plans to decrease the debt limit of teams. The NFLPA objects, for fairly obvious reasons.

Judging teams by when they scored the game-winning points, from PFR blog. An imperfect way of judging teams, of course, but not an entirely worthless one.

Andrew Brandt looked at the effectiveness of the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy, and finds the unintended and easily predicted result that it really didn't make much different and actually makes the NFL look worse.

Smart Football took a look at Urban Meyer's offense. More porn for football geekery. See also this piece on Harvin and same.

Titans S Chris Hope participated in Sporting News Today's daily Q&A. Love the response about trading places with his dog. Still, not nearly as amusing as Alexi Lalas, of who I can't decide if he's trying to be amusing or quite possibly insane.

Matt Bowen talks about an unpleasant truth: faking injuries as a part of normal NFL strategy.

Jack Bechta writes on NFP about pro athletes' security concerns and how they respond-with guns, and otherwise.

I'm not a huge fan of the W$J's sports coverage, but they do sometimes do some articles that are worth taking a look at it. See the rise of the SEC, how college coaches get paid, and Ohio as the home of football coaching. For more on coaches' compensation, check out USAToday's awesome repository of coaching contracts. See also this post on Sports Economist on the rise of the SEC article.

Another year, another great shot of all the empty seats at the ACC Championship Game.

Finally, for now, the Akron Beacon Journal had an interview with Titans backup S Donnie Nickey looking at the rise in the team's fortunes over the past couple years.

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