Monday, January 19, 2009


Time to dump a few links.

PFR blog looked at where Matt Ryan ranked among the best rookie QBs in the NFL history. The best thing about the Ratbirds' loss in the AFC Championship Game is we don't have to listen to more about how Flacco is the best rookie QB ever despite generally sucking in the playoffs.

Michael Lombardi continued his analysis of teams' drafting with a look at the Jaguars. Check out all the 6th and 7th round picks not on the team.

Also from Lombardi, part of his interview checklist for hiring a head coach.

A look into the dark underbelly of college football: recruiting of elite prospects.

Smart Football porn: breakdown of "levels" pass play, a favorite of the Colts and other teams.

Roger Rex's annual chat with fans. Naturally, most of the questions are anodyne or about their favorite team's pet issue.

I hate linking to Advanced NFL Stats because it seems like his gimmick is ripping on FO for no good reason just to show how different he is, but his post about the integrated team nature of football is right on the money.

Continuing in the same vein, Smart Football had a post criticizing FO by name, basically for doing something other than what he's doing. To do justice to the argument, I need to spend more time than I'm willing to, but it's my blog and I'll do what I want to and simply say that there are different levels of football analysis, and they can co-exist if people are willing to let them.

Rick Gosselin's normal useful list of starts lost by injury for each team. You should not be surprised to learn that 8 of the 10 teams who lost the fewest games to injury made the playoffs.

Robert Boland of National Football Post had a nice post on how owners should use the Rooney Rule to help them evaluate their team, even if they intend to hire somebody else.

Andrew Brandt picked the best and worst signings of 2008. The worst list is exclusively populated by wideouts. The best list includes the Titans signing both Roos and Stewart to extensions (but not Finnegan).

Another part of Gosselin's year-end series: updated draft grades. The Titans actually fell from B to C, which seems a little surprising. I may revisit this later, but I thought they improved from probably a D to a B-, just offhand.

Cap space: the Titans have about $30 million.

A nice Keith Bulluck profile from the New York Times. Yes, Bulluck is the one exception to "as a Georgetown fan, I must hate Syracause." Actually, as I mentioned in the college weekly recaps, my CBB-related hate for other Big East teams really doesn't carry over to football.

That's it for now, but I'll dump some draft links later, like tomorrow or Wednesday.

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Interesting links. Go UConn.