Sunday, February 08, 2009

Some Link Dumps

Two separate posts that I was planning on writing that won't get written. I still have the links for them, so I'll post those.

The first was making fun of the Detroit Lions, using the game program I acquired on my visit to Ford Field at Thanksgiving. If the Bengals took one extreme approach, valuing talent to the exclusion of character, the Lions took the opposite, valuing character or at least coachability over talent. Mike Lombardi pointed out the problem the day before that Turkey Day, and accurately predicted "It will get ugly." Lombardi revisited this a couple weeks later:
I think, when you want to know how not to build a team in any phase, look at the 2008 Detroit Lions. There is much to learn from studying this team, and sometimes the lessons of what not to do are as powerful as the ones that teach what you should do. The Lions as an organization bought into the whole Rod Marinelli concept of “I need my guys to win,” not “I need good players to win.” The talent of the players was not a concern. The prevailing factor in making personnel decisions was attitude and knowledge of the system. ... That’s why you trade a dominating defensive lineman like Shawn Rogers so you can play Chuck Darby.

Of course, it really sucks to be a fan of a team that incredibly putrid. Just ask Neil of Armchair Linebacker.

The other post, which I'm going to incorporate in another post I'll be doing on Total Titans in the next couple days, was on the Titans' defensive linemen, particularly their lack of investment therein (no 1st round picks since Haynesworth, no marquee free agents). Paul Kuharsky had an article where he noted Tony Brown and Dave Ball were basically on their last chances at being NFL players. These guys were totally picked up off the NFL trash heap when the Titans got them. The second link was to be to a Tennessean article along the same lines, but apparently bandwidth is too expensive for the Tennessean, so I'll have to save all their decent articles in the future. The other link is to a SN Today article on Ball, about how he watched the 2007 NFL season from the couch. There's a fourth article, which hopefully I'll find, about how Floyd Reese basically didn't believe in spending any resources on acquiring defensive tackles, though the first round picks of Holmes and Kearse and trade for Carter showed he was willing to pay for defensive ends (see also Polian, Bill).

General link dump and book reviews coming.

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