Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'll get to the Titans' draft review tomorrow, hopefully-I haven't yet decided whether that should go here or on Total Titans. I have a couple articles I'm planning to put up there in the next couple days. In the meantime, I have a huge backload of articles. A bunch are draft-related, and few of those are worth that much now. Still, some are valuable.

Take, for instance National Football Post's series on evaluating players. I've linked to a couple of those, but they put up more: tight ends, and centers.

Alabama students did something sensible: elected WR Julio Jones to student senate. What Orson said about him probably being about as qualified as the normal nitwits.

Matt Bowen of NFP wrote about watching film in the offseason, and what players look for.

Worth either a lengthy post of its own or just noting: Matt of DGDB&D, who's recently announced a (hopefully temporary) hiatus, put up a theory of drafting. Note to self: add the good guys at DGDB&D to the sidebar.

Mike Lombardi had a very nice series looking at questions each team needs to answer. The last of the series was on the NFC West, and there are links therein to the pieces on the other divisions.

Offseason project time: Chris at Smart Football is doing an excellent series on the run-and-shoot offense. See Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Robert Boland of NFP had a good piece on the challenges facing new NFP head DeMaurice Smith. Rich Eisen interviewed he and Goodell together on NFL Network during the draft, and it seems clear there are some deep and serious issues that divide the NFL and the NFLPA. Goodell should also drop the rhetoric that he expects a new labor deal to be done before 2010-that his whole constituency (all 32 member teams) are acting like they expect 2010 to be uncapped is significantly more telling. See also Jack Bechta.

Just how behind am I? The owner's meeting was a month ago, and I'm just getting to linking to Andrew Brandt's reports.

One of the bigger rule changes to come out of those owner meetings was changes in the size of the permitted wedge on kickoffs. Matt Bowen, who made much of his NFL living on special teams, reacted.

Enough with the NFP links for now. Instead, I'll point you to PFR's very interesting series on adjusted quarterback win-loss records: Part 1 and Part 2.

Back to NFP. Ray Gustini, whom I generally find to be quite amusing, wrote a particularly amusing post on the quarterbacks of the 1999 draft. See, particularly, Chris Greisen.

Finally, for now, some SI guy who writes about the Big 10 ranked Iowa's Kirk Ferentz the best coach in the Big 10. The fine Iowa blogger BHGP disagreed.

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