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Reviewing Past Titans Drafts: 2000

I put up a post yesterday at Total Titans looking back at the Titans' 2003 draft. In writing that post, I linked to my evaluations of how the Titans drafted in 1999, 2001, and 2002, but didn't see that I ever put up my writeup for how the Titans did in the 2000 draft up. This hasn't been updated in the past 3 years, so there are definitely some anachronisms (Erron Kinney), but I have other stuff to do so I'm just going to post it as is:

#1-30 Keith Bulluck, OLB, Syracuse
Previous Pick-Jacksonville-R. Jay Soward, WR, USC
Next Pick-St. Louis-Trung Candidate, RB, Arizona
Previous OLB-1-16-Julian Peterson, OLB, Michigan State (San Francisco)
Next OLB-2-40-Ian Gold, OLB, Michigan (Denver)
I remember being ecstatic when Bulluck fell all the way to the Titans at #30, and I have no reason to feel differently now. One of the top OLBs in the league, and a stalwart of the defense. This was a GREAT pick.

#3-68 Erron Kinney, TE, Miami (FL)
Previous Pick-Atlanta-Mark Simoneau, MLB, Kansas State
Next Pick-Chicago-Dez White, WR, Georgia Tech
Previous TE-1-27-Anthony Becht, TE, West Virginia (New York Jets)
Next TE-3-87-Dustin Lyman, TE, Wake Forest (Chicago)
First the heir apparent, and now the heir, to Frank Wycheck. A little inconsistent early in his career, he's developed into an excellent blocking TE and good, but not great, pass catcher. This was a good selection.

#3-93 Byron Frisch, DE, BYU
Previous Pick-Jacksonville-T.J. Slaughter, ILB, Southern Miss
Next Pick-St. Louis-John St. Clair, T, Virginia
Previous DE-2-56-Michael Boireau, DE, Miami (Minnesota)
Next DE-4-107-Junior Ioane, DE, Arizona State (Oakland)
Well, you can't win 'em all, though it was nice to see the previous DE was drafted over a full round earlier, and had only marginally more impact than did Byron. The next good pick was Green Bay taking LB Na'il Diggs 98th overall.

#4-124 Bobby Myers, FS, Wisconsin
Previous Pick-Jacksonville-Joe Chustz, T, Louisiana Tech
Next Pick-Chicago-Reggie Austin, CB, Wake Forest
Previous S-4-118-Tyrone Carter, SS, Minnesota (Minnesota)
Next S-4-126-Gary Berry, FS, Ohio State (Green Bay)
Nope, you can't win 'em all. Myers tried, I thought, but simply didn't pan out. This one was another miss.

#4-128 Peter Sirmon, OLB, Oregon
Previous Pick-New England-Greg Randall, T, Michigan State
Next Pick-Washington-Michael Moore, G, Troy State
Previous OLB-4-119-Isaiah Kacyvenski, OLB, Harvard (Seattle)
Next OLB-4-137-Clark Haggans, OLB, Colorado State (Pittsburgh)
I'll admit I didn't really notice Sirmon his first couple years in the league, and I was surprised when Kansas City made him an offer as a restricted free agent before 2003, and was even more surprised when the Titans matched it. I shouldn't have been, as he burst onto the scene as a starter that year and helped give the Titans perhaps the best pair of young OLBs in the league. Then he tore his ACL, so 2004 was a loss, and he clearly wasn't at top speed in 2005. I think this pick is a hit no matter what happens with Sirmon in 2006 and beyond, but if he doesn't recover, I think you have to say Haggans would have been a better selection here.

#5-135 Aric Morris, SS, Michigan State
Previous Pick-Atlanta-Anthony Midget, CB, Virginia Tech
Next Pick-Arizona-Mao Tosi, DT, Idaho
Previous S-4-126-Gary Berry, FS, Ohio State (Green Bay)
Next S-5-145-Todd Franz, SS, Tulsa (Detroit)
Floyd Reese learned his lesson between 2000 and 2005: if you really want to upgrade a position with young guys, throw LOTS of bodies at the position, and hope you end up with a couple keepers. Drafting 2 safeties simply wasn't enough when they're both asked to start. As a side note, Miami picked Arturo Freeman as the next safety after Franz, 151st overall.

#5-160 Frank Chamberlin, MLB, Boston College
Previous Pick-Jacksonville-Kiwaukee Thomas, CB, Georgia Southern
Next Pick-New England-Jeff Marriott, G, Missouri
Previous LB-5-149-Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, OLB, San Diego State (Green Bay)
Next LB-5-177-Dhani Jones, OLB, Michigan (NY Giants)
I think the former two names flatter Floyd Reese more than do the latter two. Chamberlin was a decent LB depth player and special teams guy for a couple years, but didn't spend much time on the actual defense, nor did he really deserve to. Still, that's a reasonable value for a fifth round selection.

#6-197 Robaire Smith, DT, Michigan State
Previous Pick-Jacksonville-Emanuel Smith, WR, Arkansas
Next Pick-St. Louis-Matt Bowen, SS, Iowa
Previous DT-6-194-Leif Larsen, DT, UTEP (Buffalo)
Next DT-7-216-Delbert Cowsetta, DT, Maryland (Washington)
And some years you can find good players in the sixth round. Nabbing Robaire here was an excellent value pick. Matt Bowen was a player. Tom Brady was the pick after Matt Bowen. Marc Bulger, Neil Rackers, Paul Edinger, Dhani Jones, Adalius Thomas, and Mike Anderson were all drafted in the sixth round this year. That's more talent than you find in some third rounds.

#7-213 Mike Green, FB, Houston
Previous Pick-San Francisco-Tim Rattay, QB, Louisiana Tech
Next Pick-Denver-Jarious Jackson, QB, Notre Dame
Previous FB-6-189-Mike Anderson, FB, Utah (Denver)
Next FB-7-239-Patrick Pass, FB, Georgia (New England)
Green carried the ball some in college, and tried to become a FB at the next level. The Titans took him to try to be Lorenzo Neal's replacement; didn't work out so well. This was a reasonable gamble for a 7th round selection, even if Anderson and Pass were both better players.

#7-237 Wes Shivers, G, Mississippi State
Previous Pick-Jacksonville-Erik Olson, FS, Colorado State
Next Pick-Indianapolis-Rodregis Brooks, CB, UAB
Previous G-7-220-Andrew Kline, G, San Diego State (St. Louis)
Next G-7-248-Lewis Kelly, G, South Carolina State (Minnesota)
I would have rather had them draft Mark Tauscher with the previous pick (GB, 224th overall) and take Patrick Pass with this pick. Shivers was another in the seemingly long list of OL drafted late in the hopes that a couple of them will pan out. Shivers didn't, and those are the risks you take. A reasonable pick, but that doesn't make it a good one.

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