Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I keep not reading football books, but I do read football web stuff.

Chris at Smart Football had a nice piece looking at one of the most visibly odd men to coach college football in the past decade, Hal Mumme. The stories about his generosity seem a little at odds with his refusal to take place in the coaching tradition to exchange tapes of his team's most recent games while at New Mexico State.

One of the best offseason posting series is Dr. Saturday's premature assessments of teams. Take, for instance, Baylor, one of the more intriguing teams to watch last season, or Ohio State, and its outside shot at a national championship.

Roger Rex gave interviews around the time of the draft. See NFP and Sporting News Today. I'm generally an extreme cynic w/r/t these interviews-few of them provide much in the manner of valuable information. Of course, the flip side of this is an organization speaking with multiple voices.

Shortly after the draft, Allen Barra wrote an idiotic article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal arguing pro teams should reimburse colleges for drafted player's tuition costs. Thankfully, Brian Goff over at The Sports Economist wrote about how stupid this was, so I don't have to now.

Matt Bowen wrote about a player's experience at minicamp.

Nice piece from NFP about the importance of technique for linemen, including quotes from KVB and Roos.

I'm so, so happy that Congress has gotten around to addressing the BCS. I mean, it's not like it's much better than what came before it or something. See also Doc Saturday, and on the aftermath.

Finally, for now, courtesy of somebody, a useful post by Joe Cribbs Car Wash, an Auburn blog, noting something most blog-readers don't want to acknowledge: there are a number of "sports" blogs out there that suck, and that aren't really about sports at all, including Deadspin and a number of other prominent sports blogs. Is this one about sports? Eh, maybe. I try to be, most of the time. Reviews of books about sports-are those really about sports? Most of them aren't, really, they're about sports people, which is why I write nice things about books like Madden's that are.


Jon said...

Thanks for the JCCW post. I thought of Deadspin as the National Enquirer of sports. Leitch himself is an alright writer, but he's no longer there. As for it's spinoffs like With Leather and KSK, I nver got into those at all.

Jon said...

PS - thanks for linking Matt Bowen. I've never read him before and the two or three articles I read of his today seem to be well-written.

Tom said...

As always, thanks for commenting.

Matt Bowen writes daily for NFP, most of the time on the topic of the day. Most of his pieces aren't any more better or more valuable than the same thing you can find at every other media site or on 50 random blogs, but sometimes he's actually good. I only like him when he's writing about his experiences as a player.