Friday, June 26, 2009


Mmm, content. Fresh, juicy content.

Alas for you readers, though, my first note is a booooring law one-a piece on the 25th anniversary of the Colts' move away from Baltimore, beating the city's away to take the team away from the Irsays by the use of eminent domain. HT to Ilya Somin, whose comments are eminent domain-related rather than sports-related.

Advanced NFL Stats had a piece on whether or not NFL QBs who started their rookie year ended up better. Useful interchange in the comments between Chase of PFR Blog (slight correlation, probably isn't meaningful in and of itself) and post author Brian (positive and significant correlation) that highlights why Advanced NFL Stats has been on and off the blogroll.

More on why Allen Barra's idea that the NFL should reimburse college teams for tuition of drafted players is wrong: a CBO study on tax preferences for college sports. Most of what college athletic departments is orthogonal to the existence of the university, so we shouldn't be surprised that athletic departments are really engaging in commercial, not educational activities.

Robert Boland of NFP put together a useful primer on some of the issues that will be behind the NFL labor stoppage in 2011: The Year Sports Died. The one thing that he sort of backs into, with the mention of Goodell's authority, is the biggest obstacle to settlement will be getting the high local revenue owners and the low local revenue owners to get along with the same deal. Tags had the heft to get that done in 2006, but I'm pretty sure Roger Rex either does not or will not buck the high local revenue owners.

From EDSBS's lips to my mouth: blogging is not reporting. I am not a journalist. I do not want to be a journalist. I have a day job. I do not want Tennessean Titans' writer Jim Wyatt's job, or ESPN AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky's job, or SI CFB scribe Stewart Mandel's job, and by writing this blog, I am not trying to take their job. Fundamentally, I write to gratify myself. I go two weeks between posts because I'd rather do something other than blog here. See also Mark Cuban, reminding people that just because somebody writes something on the internet, it doesn't mean it's important.

Interesting exercise by PFR Blog ranking the greatest coaching records. Shula, Halas, Lambeau, Landry, Noll, Lombardi the top 6. Lombardi suffers a little for only coaching for 10 seasons.

Andrew Brandt had a piece on the overreported and underreported stories of the NFL offseason. Good list, aside from the random-seeming mention of Kellen Clemens on the underreported list-it'd be like RB Chris Henry on an underreported list after the Titans drafted CJ28 last season. On his state lottery point, see this useful Q&A from Sports Law Blog.

I didn't think this was actually coming: the SEC banned oversigning of recruits. This was the blog kerfuffle of last CFB offseason, with Brian Cook of MGoBlog leading the proverbial charge against the practice and fans of SEC schools reminding everyone why the SEC has been the bane of the NCAA and every other school for the past 6 decades.

Finally, for now, Jack Bechta of NFP wrote about getting fired by clients. Key takeaway: don't end up an offensive drunk like Leigh Steinberg.

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