Friday, July 31, 2009

Magazine Review

I recently subscribed to ESPN: The Magazine. I subscribed because I wanted to read ESPN Insider, both for Football Outsiders articles (more, alas, is apparently going behind the pay wall this coming season, which sucks) and for other stuff. I subscribed through Amazon for $15/year, halved to $7.50 thanks to some other purchase I'd made, and was able to extend that for another year for $1 thanks to a promo on the initial issue I received today. It's a good thing it comes with Insider and is so expensive because otherwise, because the cost per level of enjoyment ratio is pretty freakin' awful. The best piece in there was a short one by Mike Tanier that was maybe, at tops, half as good as yesterday's Walkthrough column, and the second best one was on athlete's restaurants. This, coming from somebody who last ate dinner in a restaurant in February, and not because it was a particularly engrossing article. I thought SI, which I only glance at because we have it in the lobby at work, was bad, but, even as a hollow shell of its former self, it's better than ESPN Mag.

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