Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It's been a solid month since I've gone through and dropped a bunch of links, so it's past time to do it again.

A couple video links: Titans S Michael Griffin talks smack about his golf game and beating S/NB Vinny Fuller. On a more football note, though, Ahmard Hall talked about playing fullback and getting work as a tailback. Nothing hugely insightful, but it's a little bit of a changeup to see a player talk about changes in the FB position over the past 10-20 years and (general) talk about blocking schemes on special teams. Thanks to the interviewer, whose voice I didn't recognize.

Year of Sports Death: Charlie Batch told rookies there's 100% chance of a lockout. I think that's a little pessimistic-I'd probably say 98%. See also this WSJ piece on DeMaurice Smith's efforts to teach players more about the NFL's economics. Florio is, of course, more optimistic, and may be right. The "optimistic" scenario, such as it is, may be a lockout beginning March 1, the NFL holding a draft without the NFLPA, and then a deal in July or August.

Maybe doing this now isn't a good idea-reading this great breakdown of Georgia Tech's offense didn't hold my interest. HT to Smart Football, who writes his own post on the subject.

Sadly unprophetic words from Adam Schefter: "There's not a quieter day or NFL time than July 4. Which means only one thing. Brett Favre is about to ruin it." If only it had been Brett that ruined it...

Chase Stuart of PFR Blog picked a 90% of the All-Decade Team, pseudo-mocking ESPN doing the same but actually thinking about it seriously. Wait, you mean ESPN was serious when they put together their All-Decade Team and ignored 10% of the Decade? See also Chase's post on the All-Decade Team of the '70's: offense and defense.

Sporting News Today previewed the Titans a couple weeks ago. The most interesting bit comes from the opposing coach. The tag, "To be honest, they've just about always outcoached us every time we've played," is quite flattering.

McNair link detritus: Chris Brown and Justin McCareins talked to a local rag about Mac9. Titans Online had this bio piece, and see the links therein. Jamie Dukes wrote about marriage difficulties among athletes. Brad Hopkins had probably the best athlete interview I saw on Mac-9 (video link). Jason LaCanfora broke down McNair's most frequent targets. Steve could have been a Carolina Panther or a Seattle Mariner.

Chris at Smart Football had a very useful post on the NFL Offense, and touched on the reason the NFL is tactically less interesting to talk about than college football. At a basic level, this is why I stopped doing UFR, and wouldn't do it if I even had 10 extra hours a week-unless I got hard-core into grading individual performances, I'm not sure I was learning much valuable. This is also why I picked up Play Football the NFL Way-individual player technique is something I know too little about, as someone who never played organized football, and an important part of the game. See also Chris's follow-up post on Spurrier in the NFL.

I miss the old run-and-shoot Houston Cougars. See this post by Dr. Saturday, comparing current Coog QB Case Keenum's stats with those of Andre Ware and David Klingler. Man, college football is different than it was two decades ago.

If I were a player, I'd really be wondering if I could trust my coach when he apparently lies whenever he wants to.

And that's all I have for now, though enough links remain I'll probably do this again in the next couple days.

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