Tuesday, July 21, 2009

PFW's Best Titans

I almost turned this into a Total Titans post, but decided this post on Titans among the Sporting News's list of best at their position was too similar. So, it's here.

Top 50: Only one Titan here, LT Michael Roos at #32.

QBs: No Titans among the top 25. VY is listed as being among the "Top Veteran Prospects", a list that also includes Leinart, Brady Quinn, JaMarcus Russell, and Tyler Thigpen. If I'm Henne or Kolb, I'm insulted to be part of that grouping. KFC probably deserves to be like #23-I'll take him over Orton or Rosencopter.

RBs: CJ28 is #10, and has huge upside. 8th is as high as I'd go, and CJ's at the top of the trio of rookies, so I won't complain too much. LenWhale is not among the top 31, shockingly enough. This is the same as the SN ranking.

TEs: Scaife, #10 in SN's ranking, comes in at #13 here. Olsen is 8th and Zach Miller 10th, so PFW agrees with me more.

WRs: No Titans among the top 31. Nate Washington is listed as a "Top Veteran Prospect."

Cs: Kevin Maware is the #2 center, though on the downside. I'm really having a hard time seeing that. Leroy Harris is a "Top Veteran Prospect." Pats' center Dan Koppen is 13th, which seems low.

OGs: Jake Scott is #17, which seems reasonable.

OTs: Roos is #1. Check out PFR page, baby! Yeah, money well spent! David Stewart didn't make the top 27, and gets dinged in the Titans' chapter for struggling against speedier players. Yes, the list is LT-dominated, but c'mon, Orlando Pace at #15, Diem at #24, and Stewart not on the list?

DEs: KVB is #13. Another ranking I won't complain too much about. William Hayes and Jacob Ford are both "Top Veteran Prospects."

DTs: Tony Brown is #19, Jovan Haye #27, Jason Jones a "Top Veteran Prospect." I'll be curious to see just how good Tony Brown is without Albert next to him for a full season, but with players like Haye and Jones who should be competent.

ILBs: Tulloch is not among the top 27, which I don't have a problem with.

OLBs: Bulluck is #11, and the #4 4-3 OLB (counting Karlos Dansby as such). Aside from Dansby (who may be too high) and Briggs, Bulluck is also behind Chad Greenway of the Vikings. I'm not sure that's right based on last year's production, but will be right based on 2010 production.

CBs: Finnegan is #9. Who the heck knows. Champ is still #2, which seems high. Corey Webster I didn't expect to see at #7.

Ss: Michael Griffin is #6 and Chris Hope is #10. Normally, you see those rankings reversed, as they were in the SN rankings. Thankfully, Roy Williams is not ranked.

Returners: No Titans among the top 5. No complaints.

Kickers: Bironas is #2, behind Josh Brown. I'd flipflop Brown and #3 Gostkowski, but no complaints with where Rob is.

Punters: Hentrich not among the top 5, nor should he be.

Oddly enough, this is the first year I've picked up PFW's preview magazine. Coming of age, in some sense, in the Chicago area, it seems weird to see guys like Nolan Nawrocki, who I learned of from relatively low-rent shows on the local sports network (which may have been Midwest Sports Channel or somesuch other nonsense name), spoken of with some respect, but it's a fairly decent. It won't replace Football Outsiders Annual as my go-to preview, and I'm not sure the Yahoo! partnership adds much, but it's still a reasonably intelligent work and more likely to be picked up by a casual fan.

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