Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Three Notes

Thanks to Chris Brown over at Smart Football for including this site in his links and notes post today. I'd love to know if it was the book review or the ambiguously titled interconference records post that drew people, but the referrers aren't nearly so fine.

I'll be doing a Q&A with somebody at Football Outsiders, probably Bill Barnwell, about their Titans-related projections for 2009. If you want questions asked of Barnwell, post them at Total Titans, where I'll also post the Q&A when it goes up.

Speaking of FO, Mr. Barnwell also put up an Extra Point on a wonderful piece I found where Green Bay's offensive coordinator said he'd like to run the ball more often, without apparently recognizing that teams run when they're winning, not win because they're running.

An update of this chart is being prepared, in connection with the follow-up to this post. HTML is annoying, and yes, I'm sure I could find a simpler way to do that.


Chris said...


Throw Google Analytics on your site. It's laggy in terms of getting up-to-the-minute-data, but it's unparalleled in terms of depth of data. It also doesn't need an image or anything to appear on your site.

Tom said...

Thanks for the comment. I've been meaning to add Google Analytics, but haven't gotten around to it yet. My traffic level here isn't really at the point where analyzing it is a valuable activity.