Saturday, August 29, 2009


Time to dump some more links.

Yakuza Rich, despite annoying tendencies related to being a Cowboy homer, does a relatively decent list of best players by position on offense. I was holding onto this until he did defense, but that hasn't happened yet. He's another person who recognizes roster prediction posts are easy and relatively interesting, as he's done six of them.

AFL stuff: Bud Adams had a conference call with media people and talked about stuff. The Houston Chronicle had a couple pieces, one by McClain on Bud, another on Hennigan and Groman, star wideouts.

Unlike the NFL, the NCAA makes its rules available online to everybody. Ditto the records book.

Prolate Spheroid has been writing about coaching rivalries: Robert Neyland v. Frank Thomas and Johnny Vaught v. LSU's Paul Dietzel.

I kind of got busy/lazed out on doing it, so I'll just link to FO's interview with Music City Miracles.

Don't wish your team had a Lance Zierlinski focusing on them? Listen to this podcast about the Texans' first preseason game, and you might.

Jason LaCanfora had a look at the particulars of Michael Vick's contract. When this info is available for every player to us unconnecteds, I'll be happy.

Chris of Smart Football wrote about USC's passing offense. The other half of the picture is to find the dividing line for when USC players stopped being NFL successes and started being NFL underperformers, and re-read the article with that in mind. Coincidence, or conspiracy?

Running out of money, like roster predictions, is a topic that's interesting and I like to link to posts about it and how not to do it, like this one by Jack Bechta of NFP.

Hinton (ex-USM) to Favre (ex-USM): Just ... give it up, man.

I'm beginning to feel like the WSJ's Sports section is the bane of my existence. Take, for instance, the article Undersized NFL Players Even the Playing Field. Did you know Willie Parker wasn't drafted because he was "too short"? It's really too bad the NFL doesn't draft running backs shorter than Parker, like Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith, or even LaDainian Tomlinson. Parker going undrafted COULDN'T have anything to do at all with him being firmly planted on the bench at UNC, absolutely not. And, though he's not mentioned in the article, Dwight Freeney is listed as being among the "Undersized, Overlooked and Dominant" in the slideshow. Yup, 11th pick in the first round of the NFL draft, that's really overlooked. I think I've mentioned this before, but this wouldn't normally bother me that much, except it's the WSJ and people who don't pay that much attention will think this stuff is true.

Finally, for now, Tommy McDonald's NFL Hall of Fame induction speech is worth a watch if you haven't seen it.

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