Sunday, August 16, 2009


Time to dump some more links.

Reasonably decent Titans 2009 preview by Andy Benoit.

Lance Zierlein had a nice post on Jim Johnson's passing. See also Doug Farrar at FO re same.

Jack Bechta of NFP wrote about the role the head coach can play in negotiating contracts. Really, it's all about finding where the leverage is.

In case you need a reminder, Texas Monthly is the best magazine in the country, as a perusal of this article on how Texas was able to put its athletic department on extremely solid financial footing demonstrates. See also this point highlighting UT's limited sporting options.

How much better was Jim Brown than Jim Taylor? Per PFR blog, the answer might not be as far apart as you think.

PFR also continued its series of great players playing together with a look at the secondary. Only one of the top 20 started training camp in my lifetime.

Courtesy of The Sports Economist, a nice New Yorker interview with sports economist Andrew Zimbalist.

Aside from wondering how Trent Edwards got people to think he's good when he's "secretly" lousy and asking for a great piece on Mitch Mustain, this Ray Gustini article isn't necessarily about football, but it's still amusing.

Something you probably won't see in a newspaper: Michael Lombardi picked out the worst game managers. I can't believe Brad Childress is only #3.

Lombardi also had a nice series looking at the "blue chip" players on various teams; see AFC East and AFC North and AFC South and AFC North.

PFR continued its series from last offseason on the best QBs with a look at the career rankings. Manning behind Montana seems pretty reasonable to me; note I'm not sure how much I trust this to make inter-era rankings. No, by linking to this, I am not endorsing the idea that Kurt Warner is better than Bart Starr and/or Otto Graham. Thankfully, with weather and location adjustments, Warner fell behind both in the rankings.

Drew Brees, archer! Gimmicky, but very impressive to watch.

Finally, for now, courtesy of Dr. Saturday, one of my favorite teams pulling one of their favorite upsets: Northwestern 19 - Michigan 13 from 1995.

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