Monday, August 24, 2009

Plus Ca Change, or Quote of Not Today

A couple weeks ago, the WSJ published an article that asked Are Americans Becoming Soccer Fans? After all, the US had had a pretty productive summer before the loss in Azteca. So, it was with interest that I picked up my copy of Walter Camp's American Football that evening and read:

Of the Association game one can say but little as regards its American following. It is quite extensively played in this country, but more by those who have themselves played it in Great Britain than by native-born Americans. Its popularity is extending, and at some day it will very likely become as well understood in this country as the derived Rugby [i.e., American football] is to-day.

Not bad for 1891, if you ask me.

UPDATE (8/25/0009 2112 CT): i.e., not viz, darnit. Also changed reference to "American football" from "gridiron", since that's the title of Camp's book.

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