Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Yes, I'm behind and trying to catch up. Time to dump some more links.

Since I'm tired of looking at it in the bookmarks list, I'll link to part one of PFR's team of the decade for the 1980's. Part two is not up yet.

Also from PFR, another iteration of their method of evaluating quarterbacks. See also the rankings.

I know, I know, a spate of PFR links. But, that's what the bookmarks are giving me. This time, it's the intriguing series on passer personality types.

There's always a balance between theory and local knowledge in thinking about the evolution of rules. This post reflects an overemphasis of the former, and shows the detriments of lack of local knowledge. Not to toot my own horn too much, but the recent muff rule post is much better.

Year of Sports Death update: More fodder for my belief the league is out to break the players.

I know I just wrote non-positive things about Colt McCoy, but this breakdown of Texas's passing offense from Chris of Smart Football is still useful.

Gimmick alert: best players never to win appear in the Super Bowl, by position. It seems odd for me to think Mawae should be on this list, considering he's in my mind the poster child of "overrated because he plays in New York."

I approve: SI will be using FOIA to obtain CFB coaches' poll ballots.

Jack Bechta of NFP wrote about his client Curtis Buckley and the hit that helped keep him in the league. Dr. Z writes about this phenomenon in New Thinking Man's Guide, that coaches can be so enamored by one play they see the possibilities. This sort of confidence in a coach's own ability seems to be vital to success, but it too easily turns into this sort of team-harming hubris I talked about in Week 1 Audibles re Richie Incognito.

Also from Mr. Bechta, a look at what he as an agent goes through before cutdown day.

Finally, for now, Jason at PFR continued his AFL v. NFL series with 1964-66 Trends.

More catchup to do, but other things take priority-one post at Total Titans up tomorrow, I think, though.

UPDATE (9/23/09 1854 CT): Updated re Super Bowl players list.


Travis said...

It's best players not to make the Super Bowl, not to win it. Dawson was on the 1995 Steelers.

Tom said...

Thank you-I realized that when I initially read the article, then forgot it by the time I posted this. I'll fix.