Friday, September 04, 2009

Site News; Football Outsiders

Those of you who are regular readers of Football Outsiders may have noticed today's new Scramble for the Ball, the first of the 2009 football season, co-authored by Mike Kurtz and Tom Gower, aka yours truly.

So, yes, this is the start of a trend-Mike and I will be co-writing Scramble this year. I'll also be writing two team chapters in next year's edition of Pro Football Prospectus/Football Outsiders Almanac, on the Titans and the Jaguars. Beyond that, I know I'll be contributing to Audibles, the weekly compilation of the best of the FO staff mailing list, so check for that every Monday, and maybe other stuff too.

What, you may ask, does this mean for this little enterprise? Hopefully, no effect, or maybe even a positive effect. I'll continue to write here, as well as for Total Titans. In fact, because I'll have to be actively following two teams and writing, I'll actually have to get off my duff more than I have in past seasons. The real content crush here will come next offseason, when writing book chapters, and I already write irregularly and infrequently in the March-May/June period.

I'll be linking to future Scrambles the way I link to Total Titans posts, as well as any other pieces I write, but not to Audibles.

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