Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thoughts on College Football: Week Four, 2009

Yes, I really should start doing these Saturday night, when the action is fresher in my mind. Oh well. Anyway, here's what Week 4 looked like to me.

South Carolina 16 - Ole Miss 10
Ole Miss is finally knocked off from its perch of the nation's most overrated team. Jevan Snead was lousy again, "surprising" people who should have known better.

Missouri 31 - Nevada 21
A much more competitive game earlier than it should have been, even considering that it was played in the Silver State. Mizzou was able to expand on their 12-7 halftime lead, but it was still a lackluster performance by the Tigers. Oh, and since I mentioned it during the game, Nevada's school promo reminded me of something colleges should remember: people like me will assume a promo that focuses around a single coed features one of the more attractive coeds at your school. If said coed is not particularly effective, your school will be reduced in esteem accordingly.

Wisconsin 38 - Michigan State 30
Wisconsin was up 38-17 in the 4th quarter, which accurately reflects how close this game was in my eyes. I had my eye more on other games.

Kansas 35 - Southern Miss 28
Like, for instance, this one. I still enjoy watching Kansas QB Todd Reesing, so long as he doesn't have to throw more than 15 yards downfield, which he simply doesn't have the arm to do effectively. He cost his team the ball attempting that in potential scoring territory this game. I thought Kansas would win this game by a broader margin, but they (again) didn't have the defense to do so.

South Florida 17 - Florida State 7
I have no idea what to make of the Seminoles, particularly since I missed the BYU game. Fumbles hurt them this game, and USF recovered from the Matt Grothe injury better than I thought they might with Daniels, but the Seminoles still should have won this game.

LSU 30 - Mississippi State 26
About all I saw of this game was the goalline stand by the Tigers at the end. I generally refuse to watch the Bulldogs at home on principle against cowbells. LSU feels like the next team headed for a fall, though like Jack Del Rio, Les Miles occasionally does well even though I think he's an idiot.

Ohio State 30 - Illinois 0
I spent more time than I should have on this game, which was a reasonably thorough and efficient grinding into the ground by the Buckeyes. I thought RB Brandon Saine was mostly overrated as a 5-star recruit, but he looked hugely impressive this game-maybe there was something to those injuries after all.

Virginia Tech 31 - Miami (FL) 7
I wonder what this game would have looked like if not played in the driving rain that hit much of the east coast this past weekend-Miami looked as discombobulated as Florida State had in the Canes' 22-0 win in Tallahassee in similar conditions in 2003. Jacory Harris was frequently inaccurate, and his receivers didn't do him many favors when he did actually get the ball near them. Actually, what most impressed me this game was how effective the Hokies were moving the ball-I didn't think they'd hit even the single deep pass they did, and they successfully pounded the ball on the ground.

Florida 41 - Kentucky 7
31-0 at the end of the first quarter, and this game was over. I have no comment on the Tebow injury, or whether or not he should have been in the game at that point.

Georgia 20 - Arizona State 17
It's tough to win road games against a half-way decent team when your quarterback completes 10 of 32 passes for 116 yards, even if you do get a pick-6.

Notre Dame 24 - Purdue 21
The most interesting part of this game may have been the timeout discussed in this Smart Football post.

Iowa 21 - Penn State 10
Penn State's bad OL came back to bite them earlier than I thought it would. They couldn't run the ball effectively, and Daryll Clark couldn't do what Michael Robinson did in their 12-1 season in 2005 and make the play on his own. Of course, the D also isn't nearly as good as it was that year, or else the 10 points might have been enough.

Stanford 34 - Washington 14
It really helps to have a quarterback who can throw the ball to help the running game-USC faced a stacked defense and couldn't run the ball effectively against UW, but Stanford's Toby Gerhart could. It was still refreshing, though, to see a game where both quarterbacks had a realistic chance of completing a pass more than 10 yards downfield successfully. I'm not sure what to make yet of Andrew Luck, Stanford QB-he seems to lock in on a single receiver far too often.

Houston 29 - Texas Tech 28
This game is dissected effectively in the Smart Football post linked in the Notre Dame-Purdue recap above (NewsToTom is my contribution)-the Red Raiders (counterintuitively?) should have run the ball more often than they did. I was disappointed in how low scoring this game was compared to the overall level of offensive performance, for which I blame the lack of big plays.

USC 27 - Washington State 6
This game was over at 20-0 less than 12 minutes in, but USC's offense sputtered after that and Wazzu disappointingly and surprisingly displayed minor signs of offensive competence in addition to the lack of complete defensive incompetence. Pity, as 2-10-level badness isn't nearly as attractive as last year's utter awfulness.

And such is the week that was in college football in my eyes.

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