Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thoughts on College Football: Week Three, 2009

Another edition of the week that was in college football in Tom's eyes. Despite my prediction, CFB viewing wasn't really much lighter than normal outside of the lackluster Saturday early games.

Miami 33 - Georgia Tech 17
This score flatters the Yellow Jackets a little-the Hurricanes had field goal difficulty in the red zone, but were still up 33-10 entering the fourth quarter, and that tally accurate reflects the level of play. Miami has had a lot of talent even during most of their recent down years, but now they definitely do and OC Mark Whipple has made a big difference-the mix of talent and coaching in CFB is pretty close to unstoppable. We'll have to see how QB Jacory Harris does when he doesn't have 5+ seconds to throw sooner or later, though.

Boise State 51 - Fresno State 34
Defense mostly optional, though Fresno's TDs generally came on big plays and not because of sustained work. Still, it was surprising to see how well the Bulldog OL stood up in comparison to Oregon's. It'd also be nice to see Fresno win a darned game they're competitive in against a good team-they haven't in the past 6 years.

Alabama 53 - North Texas 7
I didn't actually see any of this game, but while in an adult establishment, I saw three different TDs from this game on the three different halftime highlight shows. A good game for fans of the Crimson Tide but otherwise lame.

Washington 16 - USC 13
One of the things that's either incredibly frustrating or quite enjoyable about college football is the extreme importance of quarterbacking-Jake Locker is an outstanding college quarterback, and looks to my eyes much improved from 2007 after missing much of 2008, while USC backup QB Aaron Corp wasn't very good. I expected the Trojans to still be able to overwhelm UW with a running game and defense, but missing Joe McKnight and Taylor Mays hurt them on those fronts, and I'm still not sure Pete Carroll has the temperament to grind out Tressel-style wins.

Notre Dame 33 - Michigan State 30
I have a severe mental block that prevents me from thinking of Notre Dame as actually being good. Clausen is better protected and looks less like a scared emu than he did as a freshman, but I still don't think much of him as an actual skilled QB, and now he's down a wideout. Despite John Tenuta, I still think the defense is underachieving. MSU QB Cousins lost this game for his team by throwing an atrocious interception while driving for an OT-forcing FG or game-winning TD; see the comments re Locker immediately above.

Florida 23 - Tennessee 13
Florida had no deep threat, and Tim Tebow isn't a real QB. Jonathan Crompton still sucks, but you already knew that. Monterrio Hardesty looks like a real running back for the Vols.

Mississippi State 15 - Vanderbilt 3
Vanderbilt sucks, for reasons Chris Brown could tell you about. Mississippi State is hardly any better, but their QB at least didn't throw a costly red zone interception.

Auburn 41 - West Virginia 30
I don't really understand how Auburn scored 41 points this game, as their offense still looked pretty mediocre to me, and Chris Todd barely completed more than half his passes. West Virginia looks better than they were, as they went up 21-10 after 15 minutes and were pretty lame for most of the rest of the game.

Georgia 52 - Arkansas 41
Kind of like Arkansas this game, who faded late. Ryan Mallett needs more help from his teammates-if he had more mobility, he could be my favorite player after Jake Locker leads. Unfortunately, he made too many mistakes for his team to survive. Pity. I still refuse to believe Georgia is any good-believing bad things about the Razorbacks defense is too easy.

Texas 34 - Texas Tech 24
Last year, this was one of the most exciting games of the year. This year, it was laaame. Texas led for pretty much the entire game after Jordan Shipley's punt return TD midway through the first quarter, and it never felt like Texas Tech was going to make it that interesting. Alas, nor was Texas ever able to lay the beatdown I was expecting. Colt McCoy looks disappointing-maybe it was just the flu, but he seems to lack the fine edge of accuracy he had last year.

Back to the normal viewing schedule this week, I think.

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