Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thoughts on College Football: Week Two, 2009

It's time for another edition of the week that was in college football in Tom's eyes, this time for Week 2.

Georgia Tech 30 - Clemson 27
There are two groups of people. The first are those who watched all of this game. These people saw a fairly close and competitive game The second consists of those who watched the first bit of this game, then started watching NFL football. These people saw Georgia Tech dominate and are extraordinarily confused about how Clemson actually scored points, let alone recovered from an early deficit. As you might guess from what I wrote Thursday night, I fall into the latter group of people.

Toledo 54 - Colorado 38
I continued my stretch of watching only the second half of ESPN's Friday night game with this contest, so I missed Buffaloes RB Scott's great first half. What I did see was the Rockets go up and down the field with the greatest of ease against a ghastly defense, the nadir of which was a simple QB keeper up the middle for 61 yards. It looked like Forcier's TD run the next day, minus the juke move that made it impressive.

Penn State 28 - Syracuse 7
Didn't see much of this game, but from what I did the scoreline doesn't accurately reflect the Nittany Lions' level of dominance. Not a surprise here.

Central Michigan 29 - Michigan State 27
I missed the 4th quarter of this game, so as with GaTech-Clemson, my impression is skewed by the partial viewing. What I did see tells me Michigan State was a better team with an inferior quarterback. I'll have to pay more attention to MSU some later week.

North Carolina 12 - UConn 10
Another game where I missed the 4th quarter, so I missed UNC's actual offense. As was the case with Jevan Snead last week, I looked for signs from NC QB T.J. Yates of the passer I enjoyed watching and thought was good last season, and they were few and far between. I also tried paying attention to UNC DT Marvin Austin, but didn't see much from him, not that I'm any good at evaluating DT play.

Florida 56 - Troy 6
This was actually a pretty competitive game for a quarter and a half, thanks in part to some Gator turnovers, but there was no way the Trojans could stand up for very long to a team as good as the Gators.

Houston 45 - Oklahoma State 35
Ha hah, Coog Morning Zoo beat you! Some luck involved on a 4&G pass deflected to a WR, but this was a legitimately close game. The one thing I was surprised the most about was Oklahoma State's long periods of offensive mediocrity-Houston was up 24-7 at halftime and doing a pretty good job defensively against a Cowboy offense I thought would be better than that.

Michigan 38 - Notre Dame 34
This seems to have been a good weekend for me when it comes to missing important parts of games. I turned this game off at 31-20 Michigan, thinking it was over, and was surprised to later see that the score was ND 34 - Michigan 31. I saw a little bit of this game, but really don't have much to say about it.

UCLA 19 - Tennessee 15
Jonathan Crompton is a terrible, terrible quarterback. Not exactly news, but still important. I'm not sure UCLA is any good, but that's fine.

LSU 23 - Vanderbilt 9
I only saw a little of this game, but LSU is still a better team than Vanderbilt. This is not news.

Georgia 41 - South Carolina 37
There's something very odd and in some way deeply disconcerting about 78 points being scored in a Georgia-South Carolina game. This is the sort of game that's supposed to end up 16-12 with two missed XPs and 4 missed FGs if there's a lot of offensive success. Very weird game early on, as Georgia hardly had any offensive possessions between a kickoff return for a score and fumbling a kickoff return.

USC 18 - Ohio State 15
This game will be included in Football Outsiders' Audibles tomorrow. I'll add a link to that Monday evening.

Oregon 38 - Purdue 36
The Boilermakers +12 was the easiest line of the weekend for those who spend money on gambling, a number that does not include yours truly. The Boilermakers really outplayed the Ducks the first two plus quarters, but Oregon had two defensive touchdowns to keep them in the game and got their offense on track late. Purdue's problem is at the quarterback position-too many to the other team, and not enough to his own team.

Oregon State 23 - UNLV 21
One of these teams is a Pac-10 team, and one of these teams is not. Yet, the game was about as even as the Oregon-Purdue game. I'm beginning to think that, sans Cal, this could be a very down year for the Pac-10.

Yes, I know this probably isn't as long as most recaps, and it seems thin to me for as much CFB as I watched this weekend, but that is the week that was in college football in my eyes.

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