Thursday, October 29, 2009

Total Titans

Our technical difficulties are kind of fixed, so I put up a post about Titans who will/may be facing free agency this offseason.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Football Outsiders

New Scramble for the Ball now available at Football Outsiders. For the record, I did indeed make the brownies, though from a box mix, and there were no special added ingredients.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thoughts on College Football: Week Eight, 2009

Yup, I missed the last two weeks of college football watching. Too bad. I'll see if I can't keep these up a little better, though.

UTEP 28 - Tulsa 24
I'm proud of myself for not watching all, most, or even a great deal of this game. Tulsa's last-minute comeback drive after a late UTEP score was particularly not pretty.

Florida State 30 - North Carolina 27
Another game I saw very little of. North Carolina has greatly underachieved compared to where I thought they'd be this year as of two years ago. I blame T.J. Yates, because the quarterback is always the problem.

Ohio State 38 - Minnesota 7
A simple yet somewhat efficient beatdown of a much lesser team. Pryor is still a very mediocre quarterback at passing the football, and he's not nearly in the VY/Vick class as a dynamic runner.

West Virginia 28 - Connecticut 24
Noel Devine is good and fast, in case you haven't noticed it yet.

Ole Miss 30 - Arkansas 17
You don't have to crown Ryan Mallett quite yet. He had a couple extraordinarily impressive drives, but also a bunch of eh ones. In a way, that's kind of like how Matthew Stafford was.

Iowa State 9 - Nebraska 7
Nebraska turnovers > Nebraska points. All you need to know about this game, really.

Clemson 40 - Miami 37 (OT)
I mostly ignored this game until late, which was probably a mistake. This result, in south Florida, suggests that my mental model of Clemson had them greatly underrated and/or my mental model of Miami had them greatly overrated. I'm sure I had Miami at least a little overrated, but not this much. Coming off a beatdown of Wake suggests I need to take another look at Clemson-not this week against Coastal, but maybe the week after against Florida State.

Notre Dame 20 - Boston College 16
Fuck Notre Dame for winning another game they could have easily lost if the other team didn't screw up at the end of the game. There's no way this team should be 5-2 right now, and now they get Wazzu and Navy. Well, at least they should get slaughtered in another bowl game.

Alabama 12 - Tennessee 10
Alabama's offense consists of Mark Ingram, and Julio Jones against the vastly incompetent. That's not good enough.

Iowa 15 - Michigan State 13
Iowa is kind of like Iowa from 2002. They suck, but they keep winning and will get destroyed by USC in a bowl game. This might be an acceptable outcome if not because it's another reason people will whine about the Big 10 all out of proportion to how good it is.

LSU 31 - Auburn 10
Ok, so Auburn really isn't that good. Not a surprise considering Chris Todd and the overall talent level as I perceive it.

Florida 29 - Mississippi State 19
Don't listen to the whining about UF and a curse about playing in Starkville, UF simply isn't that good. They can't attack teams defensively down the field and are much easier to play against than they were last year. If you want to compare differing levels of eliteness, they're maaaaaybe 60% as elite this year as they were last year. Last year's team would've destroyed this year's Iowa; this year, the line should be under 7 and Iowa's chance of winning is at least 20%.

Texas 41 - Missouri 7
Wow, Texas actually looked like a decent team for the first time this year. Like many a game involving last year's Sooners or the same matchup last year, this one was effectively over after three drives and really over at the end of the first half, when it was 35-7. Colt McCoy still isn't an NFL QB, though.

USC 42 - Oregon State 36
The early 4th quarter score of 42-23 more accurately captures how this game felt to me, but that doesn't mean the Trojan D has been good for the last 5 quarters (ok, I'm not sure about the first 2.5 quarters of this game). Mark Barkley's two picks also didn't hurt, and those suggest USC is becoming a more "normal" team that needs good QB play to win and will lose if they get bad QB play (the UW game is also an example of this).

And such is the week that was in college football in my (angry) eyes.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Site News

Greg Cosell is posting at the blog. I updated the link on the sideline, and just because he does good stuff, put up an XP at FO about it as well.

FYI, the technical issues associated with the recent MVN "upgrade" continue, and I'm not going to post anything at Total Titans until they're resolved. Andrew's post on how players are performing compared to last year is quite good, and I largely second it, but unfortunately the only way you can read it right now is going to the main page (first link in this paragraph) and scrolling down.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Football Outsiders

The latest edition of Scramble for the Ball is now up, and includes an explanation of how Vince Young's interception last week actually happened. I was also mentioned on FO's twitter feed, providing useful information during the Sunday night game. Thanks, Bill.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Total Titans

If anybody's looking for anything on Total Titans, it won't be posted until they resolve the technical issue associated with the transition that results in post showing up as published on the Dashboard page and not showing up on the blog.

Book Review: Hey, Wait a Minute

Hey, Wait a Minute (I wrote a book!) was John Madden's first book with his co-author, longtime NYT scribe Dave Anderson. I previously read and favorably reviewed Madden and Anderson's second book, One Knee Equals Two Feet, and Hey, Wait a Minute definitely sounds like the same book. Same Madden tone that's both enjoyable and informative. The problem, though, is that One Knee Equals Two Feet is about football and Hey, Wait a Minute is John Madden's autobiography. And, while I found Madden an often informative and entertaining commentator (at least when he was paying attention), I really didn't care that much about him. Reading the books in the order I did and having read Madden's Wikipedia entry, I didn't get much out of Hey, Wait a Minute. It's not bad, and I'm sure I would have enjoyed it 25 years ago when it first came out. Now, though, it's been superseded by events. Read One Knee, and feel free to skip Hey, Wait a Minute unless you're intensely interested in John Madden's career until 1984.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Football Outsiders

The latest edition of Scramble for the Ball is available online for your reading pleasure.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Total Titans

I did a liveblog and recap post on the Titans' recent game with the Colts.

I've also updated the Titans Links section to add Stuart's Titans Blog (aka You Can't Teach Coordination) and T-Rac's Posse. If I'm missing any sites about the Titans, let me know, as I'd like for that list to be comprehensive. The only rule I have is the majority of the content must be Titans-related-the only exception there is Kuharsky's AFC South blog.

Actual content-like stuff hopefully coming in the next couple days.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Total Titans

I posted the second half of the Q&A I did with DZ of 18 To 88 over at Total Titans. You can also go to the post on his site to compare my answers with those from Titans Tracker. I was ... slightly more prolix.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Total Titans

I asked questions about the Colts, which were answered by Deshawn Zombie of 18 To 88, so it's kind of pointless to also link to the post where I asked if you wanted to ask Deshawn any questions. I also did a gameday post for the Jaguars game, another timely link for you.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Football Outsiders

This week's Scramble for the Ball is now up. Warning: features unavoidable autoplaying video, so mute your computer if necessary. Want to complain about that? Email us at UploadThatVideo at ToYouTube dot KThankxBai.

Thoughts on College Football: Week Five, 2009

Louisiana Tech 27 - Hawaii 6
2007 sure seems like a long time ago, doesn't it? LaTech ran the ball down Hawaii's throat all night, and there was nothing the Rainbow Warriors (or whatever they're called now) could do to stop it. This is a really bad team.

West Virginia 35 - Colorado 24
It's a crime by Bill Stewart that this game is anywhere near this close. The 'Eers kept shooting themselves in the foot in this game and stalling out for inexplicable reasons. CU scored a last-second TD to cover, too, but it's WVU's fault this wasn't 63-24.

UAB 30 - Southern Miss 17
USM was missing a couple key players, but not so much on defense. I hope Kansas is better than it looked that game.

Pitt 35 - Louisville 10
2006 sure seems like a long time ago, doesn't it? Steve Kragthorpe is SO gone at the end of this year.

Northwestern 27 - Purdue 21
I saw a little of this game early, the Boilers were dominant, and completely ignored it. I didn't even realize Northwestern won this game until this evening. -5 in turnovers will do that, I guess.

Michigan State 26 - Michigan 20 (OT)
I'm waiting for Brian to tell me how Michigan wasn't able to run the ball AT ALL against Sparty-frankly, that shocked me. This looked like Parker against the Titans. With that, Forcier had to win the game throwing the football, and he can't do that. Heck, he can't even throw the ball away properly. Seriously, Tate, just throw the ball far and get it out of bounds.

Iowa 24 - Arkansas State 21
Seriously, you figure out the Hawkeyes. Dominate Penn State, an apparently pretty decent BCS team that had unimpressive yet still dominant wins over mediocre BCS schools, but almost lose to Northern Iowa and then have to sneak by the Red Wolves? Schizoid!

Alabama 38 - Kentucky 20
This game was actually competitive into the second quarter, but then it wasn't. I'll have to pay attention to Alabama in a game later this year against a decent team.

Navy 16 - Air Force 13 (OT)
I saw a little bit of this game, but have nothing to say about it.

Notre Dame 37 - Washington 30
Jake Locker: betrayed by his teammates. Betrayed, I tell you, betrayed!

Penn State 35 - Illinois 17
Ok, I was wrong about Illinois, they really do suck.

LSU 20 - Georgia 13
Not having watched the South Carolina game, but working hypothesis is that Georgia mostly sucks, and LSU beating them only allows them to continue to be ridiculously overhyped compared to how good they are. I wish Washington had beaten them.

Ohio State 33 - Indiana 14
The expected snorer, though the Hoosiers did get a late TD to make the score somewhat more respectable. Brandon Saine continued to look good.

Arkansas 47 - Texas A&M 19
How frequently have the Aggies been overrated since Bear Bryant left-75% of the time? 85%? Higher? A quick 10-0 lead proved to be the mirage I expected it to be.

TCU 39 - SMU 14
Another game competitive much longer than I expected it to be, as the Mustangs were actually up 7-6 in the second quarter. Like the Alabama game, this also became uncompetitive by halftime.

Miami (FL) 21 - Oklahoma 20
The Sooners are significantly worse than they were last year-the OL is worse, Jones isn't as good, and the WRs aren't good enough to compensate. They did well early, but it always felt like Miami would come back, and they did. If the Canes had to make a late season trip to, say, Columbus, life could get unpleasant, but going through a rough 4 games at 3-1 suggests to me they're headed back to the BCS.

UTEP 58 - Houston 41
Houston had some, uh, defensive problems this game. As in an awful lot of them.

And such is the week that was in college football in my eyes. Yes, I may actually get this up before the next Wednesday at some point, eventually.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Site News

Since all the cool kids are doing it, I will pay attention to the FTC's new rule and disclose that the books I review fall into three categories: books I acquire new, books I acquire used, and books I borrow from the local public lending library. If a publisher desperate enough for reviews decides they want to send me a copy of their review book, and I do review it, I will mention it in my review.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Total Titans

New post up at Total Titans, about how you fail on 15 straight pass plays, looking at the Titans' performance against the Jets. Woo, PBP breakdowns.