Sunday, October 18, 2009

Book Review: Hey, Wait a Minute

Hey, Wait a Minute (I wrote a book!) was John Madden's first book with his co-author, longtime NYT scribe Dave Anderson. I previously read and favorably reviewed Madden and Anderson's second book, One Knee Equals Two Feet, and Hey, Wait a Minute definitely sounds like the same book. Same Madden tone that's both enjoyable and informative. The problem, though, is that One Knee Equals Two Feet is about football and Hey, Wait a Minute is John Madden's autobiography. And, while I found Madden an often informative and entertaining commentator (at least when he was paying attention), I really didn't care that much about him. Reading the books in the order I did and having read Madden's Wikipedia entry, I didn't get much out of Hey, Wait a Minute. It's not bad, and I'm sure I would have enjoyed it 25 years ago when it first came out. Now, though, it's been superseded by events. Read One Knee, and feel free to skip Hey, Wait a Minute unless you're intensely interested in John Madden's career until 1984.


joe football said...

Does the book go over Madden's estrangement with his family at all? That's the only thing I'm interested in

Tom said...

Alas, not really. I also suspect a lot football people than Madden are estranged from their families. Most just aren't nearly so open about it.