Saturday, February 06, 2010

Inside the Blog

The recent spate of deleted comments, on posts new and old, is a result of the spammer beating Blogger's spam-blocking software; I've never deleted a non-spam comment here, and hope I never have to. I also removed DGDB&D from the Football Links section, since the site is no longer up, and added Nashville City Paper to the Titans Links section, though the link goes to the Sports section front page and not to a Titans-specific page like for the Tennessean. I guess I'm growing soft in my old age, since the lack of a Titans-specific page had been my previous justification for not linking there. EDIT: And, of course, the new layout means I can't italicize Nashville City Paper, though the emphasis on Tennessean will survive unless I try to edit that part. Curse you, Blogger, for fighting the fight against proper style!

I also keep acquiring football books, with the latest acquisitions being Stagg's University about the history of football at the University of Chicago, where Amos Alonzo Stagg once prowled the sidelines as head coach, Bob McGinn's The Ultimate Super Bowl Book, and Quarterback Abstract by John Maxymuk. Reviews of all three books will be here eventually, which remains a term without a precise legal or enforceable meaning.

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