Friday, February 19, 2010


Total Titans has moved from its temporary home on a self-hosted WordPress site to Bloguin. You may now find us at Check out the snazzy new digs. I finally got round to writing up the analysis of the center position for our offseason preview.

Also in the self-pub department, my first (shared) ESPN credit, as part of FO's first offseason look at the divisions. Link is ESPN In$ider, but it'll be re-run on FO later as Four Downs: AFC South with additional content. Currently available on FO for your reading pleasure is an article on the newly-added 1993 season stats, featuring perhaps the craziest 12-4 season in NFL history. A couple comments from me on that team, plus Stravinsky's long one should give you an idea as to why Bud Adams was for a long while considered one of the league's worst, nuttiest, most volatile owners.

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