Monday, August 30, 2010

Titans-Panthers comments data dump

The following is a straight data dump of my comments from the Titans' 15-7 loss to the Panthers in Week 3 of the 2010 preseason. Heavy on abbreviations and generally brief, plus I took greater care with the first half plays (watched 2-5 times, generally) than I did with second half plays (generally not watched more than twice), simply because the Titans didn't play their starters into the second half.

KOR #1-Damian Williams-catch ball cleanly, run forward
1st play-run-MLB unblocked, Harris?
2nd play-run-Roos seal a little soft, CJ run down from behind
3rd play-pass-Roos turned around, VY pump, should he have thrown ball?

1st play-run-McCourty does job-Ball doubled on edge
2nd play-run-Jason Jones late shift, semi-stunt around C/RG, Griff unblocked run blitz
3rd play-pass-Tulloch lines up deep in Tampa-2 look, lining up too deep?
4th play-pass-Babin quick to QB, no recognition, rest of D does eh
5th play-run-Griff blows his alley and opens cutback lane
6th play-pass-Morgan good outside move as LDE, McCourty soft coverage-unclear why
7th play-run-eh
8th play-pass-max pro, Jarrett outruns Verner!?!, overthrow prevents TD
9th play-pass-Morgan LDE good outside move, forces dumpoff

PR #1-Damian Williams-clean fair catch of wobbler at 8-stood at 10 and backed up
1st play-pass-Stevens in at TE, slightly underthrown(?) but nice corner route
2nd play-pass-shallow out for Stevens, Gamble bailed & changed look at last second
3rd play-run-Cook with weak block, cannot run to his side
4th play-scramble-Cook sole TE, VY scramble, no clue what's downfield
5th play-pass-CAR DE overload right side, Scott whiffs a la Loper, CJ tries to pick up inside guy & fails, outside blitzer w/ free rush, VY screwed, hot for Britt(?)
6th play-draw-Scott got pushed back & destroyed inside lane, CJ tries dancing but can't do squat
7th play-pass-3 man rush & 8 zone in 3&long, Hawk underneath

1st play-run-Ball good at POA
2nd play-pass-McRath late/weak blitz, TEN rushed 6 (Verner?), Curran in good position
3rd play-run-Ball too easily moved by POA, was there an outside defender?, Curran or Witherspoon bad gap play?

PR #2-DWill-failure to field punt costs 25 yards
1st play-run-Harris bulled at POA, forced CJ to string it out
2nd play-pass-deep for Britt, ball underthrown/too far inside?, DPI
3rd play-pass-Harris tries blocking 2 guys, can't, CJ slow to pick up inside blitzer, Stevens can't run away from LBs-shallow drag well defended
4th play-pass-free rusher up middle, scott commits to DT too early?, no help up middle, sitdown for Britt
5th play-pass-dump for CJ, no downfield look

1st play-pass-Morgan overcommits to inside, but Haye recovers on boot and actually well defended
2nd play-pass-smoke w/ McCourty playing off, overcommits outside but has inside help, does he overcommit w/o help? (Mouton v MikeWilliams)
3rd play-pass-Tulloch free blitz, Verner jumps Lafell route, potentially dangerous

PR #3-DWill-short punt and to side, DWill directs players away
1st play-run-couple yards, Harris caught up in trash & can't get to 2nd level
2nd play-run-couple yards, Amano can't move off double to get to 2nd level
3rd play-run-Cook as offset FB, run to his side-Cook doesn't draw defender, Harris beat & DT slides down line

1st play-run-Marks fall down split, disrupts flow, rest of team collapses well
2nd play-run-Tulloch attacks hole on FB give well as Witherspoon blitzes outside
3rd play-draw-Marks pancakes OL, Jones gets penetration playside

PR #4-DWill catches punt to side, runs forward ok but no explosiveness
1st play-Ringer in-run-blah, #94 looks good
2nd play-pass-deep for Hawkins, off target
3rd play-pass-deep out for Britt, pass probably too far, Britt doesn't do a good job of toe tapping

1st play-pass-McRath too early on dumpoff, DPI
2nd play-run-Griff blocked out, McCourty w/ good job coming up to make tackle, Ford taken out by Rosario at POA
3rd play-pass-ineffective blitz by 51&55, McCourty jumps out & breaks it up
4th play-pass-zone blitz w/ Ford dropping off, blitzes not getting home, Lafell open but hard catch & drop

PR #5-DWill-does ok to dodge early hits, but coughs up ball on hat-on-helmet

1st play-run-blah, penetration by Jones
2nd play-run-Babin outside rush, penetration by Jones, OL thoroughly pwnt
3rd play-pass-short pass w/ no YAC opportunity

PR #6-Mariani-punt dropped at 1
1st play-run-Jared Cook SUCKS, barely bumps DE who runs down line & makes play
2nd play-pas-WR screwup?, designed for quick throw?, ball doesn't come out & VY gets sacked, Stewart beat to inside
3rd play-draw-semi-stunt screws up blocking, Harris can't pick up Brown who blows up play
PUNT-Schommer(??) blew his lane?

1st play-pass-triple coverage, pass may have been well underthrown, Rosario prevents Hope INT
2nd play-draw-Hope + ATV up to make tackle, Hope good job in run support
3rd play-pass-Tulloch blitz, Rosario turns Spoon around & Moore w/ good pass
4th play-pass-Verner in good coverage on pass for crappy rookie wideout
5th play-pass-heavy blitz, Moore finds hot, Griff blows tackle but Hope cleans up
6th play-pass-shallow in completed v Verner in man
7th play-pass-Haye with pressure late after loop, ATV slipped, pass to Gettis v McCourty too far
8th play-pass-heavy blitz, tipped at line by Jones
9th play-pass-Fuller beat by Lafell on corner, smash combo, challenged & confirmed
10th play-pass-Griff flagged for DPI for unnecessary bump on Barnidge but picked up, pass overthrown
11th play-pass-short play completed by ATV, Fuller & ATV converge, ATV w/ FF & recovery

1st play-pass-sitdown for Britt, some YAC
2nd play-pass-VY doesn't see anything & scrambles for more time, sacked by Stewart's man


KO-Hawk blows outside lane
DEF-2nd string
1st play-run-Keglar sucks
2nd play-pass-CAR miscommunication
3rd play-pass-Rivera good tackle for no YAC 1 yd short

OFF-2nd string
PR #7-Mariani-punt dropped at goal line
1st play-run-blah
2nd play-run-blah (holding on #86)
3rd play-draw-blah
4th play-pass-Cook drops it on drag

1st play-pass-hole in zone?
2nd play-run-Brock flagged for offside, 1st of night
3rd play-pass-screen against stunt & blitz, well-timed
4th play-run-blah
5th play-scramble-blah
6th play-pass-ATV in coverage, way overthrown

KOR #2-Mariani-clean catch, ok, Kropog flagged for holding
1st play-pass-quick slant to Britt, eh
2nd play-run-good power run by Ringer to outside
3rd play-run-MLB unblocked, not clear who/why
4th play-pass-screen, not well blocked
5th play-pass-good deep comeback for Britt
6th play-run-blah
7th play-pass-KFC too far for Hawk in shallow out, blah
8th play-pass-KFC doesn't see outside blitz, bad on him, RT #69 didn't do well either (Howell?)

1st play-pass-8 yd out to Edwards v Mouton
2nd play-pass-quick hitch to Edwards v Mouton playing off, doesn't attack ball quickly
3rd play-run-Keglar tackle at POA but not until after couple yards
4th play-pass-deflected by Rivera blitzing up middle
5th play-pass-ATV slot blitz, Johnson v Lafell in shallow cross, Johnson gets beat
6th play-run-good gain, Hill/RJohnson playing too far inside
7th play-run-blah, holding
8th play-pass-screen v soft zone
9th play-run-blah, no room
10th play-pass-tipped at line by Joseph

KOR #3-Mariani 5 yds deep, should take knee, tackled at 17
1st play-pass-Mariani was open deep but manages to adjust to underthrown ball
2nd play-pass-KFC sacked, Kropog's man, KFC doesn't get ball out & tries to move
3rd play-pass-great slant to Mariani & nice RAC, Cover-2(?) safety got sucked too far inside
4th play-run-DO NOT RUN AT JARED COOK, fails miserably on seal v DE Hardy
5th play-pass-seamer to Cook for 6, outruns #25, good throw away from single-high safety

KO-Bakhtiari & Johnson blow tackle, Sewall & ATV blow their lanes, TD

KOR #4-Mariani-out of EZ
1st play-pass-bootleg, Ryan drops pass after hit
2nd play-pass-KFC rips it in for Cook, Velasco at RG flagged for holding
3rd play-pass-Edison on slant, flagged for OPI
4th play-pass-KFC throwing off back foot throws it to underneath defender, pressure v Kropog

1st play-penalty-Jimmah! pulls his RT and TE offside, oops
2nd play-run-blown up by Harrington
3rd play-pass-open on sideline, looked close to pick by underneath defender, Hill playing soft
4th play-penalty-false start
5th play-penalty-false start
6th play-penalty-false start
7th play-pass-short pickup

KOR #5-Mariani-does ok, takes pop & doesn't cough up ball
1st play-penalty-false start #69
2nd play-run-good hole, Blount attacks it & breaks ankle tackle
3rd play-pass-Rusty pressured, can't quite hit Pfahler on sideline
4th play-pass-slant complete to DWill
5th play-run-Blount for a couple
6th play-pass-quick out to Pfahler, decent move to pick up extra & 1st down
7th play-pass-Rusty airmails seamer, picked by high safety

1st play-run-blah
2nd play-run-good penetration & tackle by Johnson
3rd play-pass-Barnidge shallow out for a lot after Keglar blows tackle & Mouton blows help
4th play-pass-smoke, Bakhtiari tip at line
5th play-run-OLB sucked in, Rivera can't do contain, Schommer comes up & makes tackle
6th play-run-Winborn slow to edge, holding
7th play-pass-screen, Rivera blows tackle but other guys can get it

1st play-pass-miscommo/airmail+behind open WR after CAR defensive screwup
2nd play-pass-DWill underneath for a couple
3rd play-pass-good pocket presence & finding PWill over middle in what seemed like small hole
4th play-pass-good shallow drag for Pfahler, AWFUL move not to get OOB
5th play-pass-Smith strip-sacked, blown block #77
6th play-pass-underneath for Pfahler, reasonably good pass, Pfahler gets OOB
7th play-pass-deflected by underneath defender, Britt can't concentrate enough to catch ball
8th play-pass-Pfahler underneath, not the best choice, Pfahler can't catch it


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