Thursday, September 02, 2010

Football Outsiders

Scramble for the Ball, NFC Over/Unders Pt. 2 and Fantasy Draft Review, including review of the FO Staff League fantasy draft, is up at FO for your reading pleasure. Because of Staff Predictions running in the time slot, no Scramble next week, so we wrote two columns in one to compensate.

We have now decided, though, that 7700 word columns = PAIN. By point of "I can't really believe this" comparison, the most recent Audibles, for the friggin' Super Bowl, was 6100 words. We're really, really not trying to beat our 9300 word first column. The prop bet column I think came closest, at 9046 words. This is what happens when you get attorneys to write stuff, publishing stuff isn't more expensive on a per-word basis, and you don't give them word limits.

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