Sunday, October 31, 2010

Total Titans

Some catchup on what I've written on Total Titans of late:

Yesterday, I wrote about two myths regarding the Titans' run offense.

I wrote about field position and the Titans' offensive success, which is something I'd written about in the offseason.

I liveblogged the Titans-Jaguars MNF contest.

With today's loss to the Chargers, the Titans now don't play for another two weeks because of the bye. During that time, I plan to write one or more posts at Total Titans covering in some more detail the Titans' struggling run game. Unless I get lazy and don't, which has a small but non-zero chance of happening. I also have a goodly number of bookmarks to sort through, some of which I might blog about at some point during the next two weeks. I'm also continuing to read football books-I should in November finish at least the three I've been averaging over the quarter, with reviews of those appearing at the proper time.

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