Friday, November 12, 2010

Book Review: Da Bears!

Da Bears! : How the 1985 Monsters of the Midway Became the Greatest Team in NFL History by Steve Delsohn is exactly what you'd expect from the subtitle: a look at one of the greatest teams in NFL history, the 1985 Chicago Bears, a quarter-century after their season.

Unlike my immediately previous book review I don't feel the need to expound at length about the subject covered. Delsohn read all the books he should have, talked to the people he should have who were willing to talk to him, and wrote a light but quite entertaining book about the Super Bowl XX champs.

I didn't notice many nits to pick. The score of the first game of that 1985 season first appears correctly as a 28-17 halftime deficit to the Buccaneers, then later appears incorrectly several times with the Bucs having 24 points. Ditka in his discussion of McMahon refers to a costly interception against the Vikings which probably was actually thrown by Jim Harbaugh in this game-it's fairly famous Bear lore, as Harbaugh audibled into a pick-6 that led to the Bears blowing a 20-0 4th quarter lead and Ditka was fired after the Bears went from 11-5 to 5-11.* Yes, it's Ditka's fallible memory, but it's still Delsohn's fault it's in the book.

Anyway, if you have fond memories of the '85 Bears or what to know what the excitement was all about, Delsohn's book is an engaging and quick read about one of the most memorable teams in NFL history.

*-Obviously, how a team goes from 11-5 to 5-11 is much more complicated than a single interception, but we're talking about lore here.

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