Sunday, January 23, 2011

Book Review: Houston Oilers: The Early Years

Short review this time.

In Houston Oilers: The Early Years, Kevin Carroll tells the story of just that, the early years of the Houston Oilers. The book concentrates heavily on that inaugural season of 1960, with the remaining third-plus on the second season of 1961, so when the book says "the early years," it means it. The book is primarily an oral history-not explicitly so a la Going Long, but the content is based heavily on interviews with the living former Oilers (published in 2001, so the number of them is undoubtedly smaller now). The book is divided into a series of chapters covering games and former players, and takes you that the two seasons.

The book is competently done, but I was never particularly enthralled by it and it took me more time to finish it than I expected it would, simply because I never felt myself compelled to read more of it. I was never particularly engaged, and you don't get the same sort of broader perspective in The Early Years you do reading the sections of Oiler Blues covering the same time period. I'd say it's similar to That First Season, only it feels less professionally-done. For Oilers die-hards only, and optional even in that category.

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