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Big Play Data Dump

I just wrote a post for Total Titans on how the Titans gave up big plays in 2010. This is the supporting data for that post.

Because of the length of this post, I've stuck most of it behind a read more tag.

3Q 2-16-OAK 38 (9:16) 8-J.Campbell pass deep middle to 80-Z.Miller to TEN 35 for 27 yards (33-M.Griffin).
EXPLANATION: busted coverage. No all-22 here, so I'm not sure what happened. The play is a completion on a seam route to Miller, who lined up as part of three receivers to the right side. The "apparent" responsible party is Chris Hope, whose coverage responsibility was on the slot receiver. Both Witherspoon and Tulloch took McFadden and ignored Miller; barring knowledge of the actual playcall, my best guess is one of them should have been on Miller.

1Q 2-10-PIT 30 (4:17) 34-R.Mendenhall right guard pushed ob at 50 for 20 yards (24-C.Hope).
EXPLANATION: Jamie Winborn. This is just hat on hat. The Steelers overpower the Titans to the right side, and Jamie Winborn fails to maintain outside contain. If Winborn gets to Kemoeatu's outside shoulder, Mendenhall probably cuts it back and Witherspoon makes a tackle after a short gain. But he doesn't, so deep safety Hope has to make the tackle.

1Q 3-2-TEN 42 (1:46) 10-D.Dixon scrambles left end to TEN 21 for 21 yards (24-C.Hope). TEN-33-M.Griffin was injured during the play. His return is Probable.
EXPLANATION: bad luck, sort of. The Titans rush 4 and get pressure. Two issues, though: RDE Jacob Ford slips trying to turn the corner, which helps open up the offensive left side. When Mewelde Moore stays in to block, Stephen Tulloch, who was just lurking, rushes to the offensive right side. With the rest of the defense playing coverage, Dixon finds room to scramble to his left before deep safety Hope can make the tackle.

1Q 2-2-NYG 37 (8:05) 10-E.Manning pass deep middle to 89-K.Boss to TEN 9 for 54 yards (33-M.Griffin, 30-J.McCourty).
EXPLANATION: .5 Tulloch, .5 Winborn. I'm not sure exactly what the assignments were, but Winborn and Tulloch both bite very hard on the playfake. That leaves Boss open to just run down the center of the field. Witherspoon tries to deflect the pass that goes by where Tulloch should be, but can't get it. Winborn misses a tackle well downfield as well.

2Q 1-10-TEN 30 (:48) (No Huddle, Shotgun) 10-E.Manning pass deep left to 82-M.Manningham pushed ob at TEN 10 for 20 yards (22-V.Fuller).
EXPLANATION: .5 Verner, .5 scheme. Titans are in what appears to be Cover-2, and the Manningham grab hits the deep outside void here. The reason why I'm blaming Verner, though, is he too quickly abandons Manningham after covering him initially for Fuller to get over in time. Boss in the flat is technically his area of responsibility, but Griffin had (rightly) followed Boss. Leaving a guy open to double a guy not as far downfield is, I suspect, not the right decision.

3Q 3-10-NYG 1 (10:53) (Shotgun) 10-E.Manning pass deep left to 82-M.Manningham pushed ob at NYG 44 for 43 yards (20-A.Verner).
EXPLANATION: Verner. Man coverage, and Verner's inexperience shows in a complete absence of ball skills here. If he spots the ball, this looks like a play he'd have been able to break up, but he looks lost and Manningham hauls in a big gain. Alas for the Giants and thankfully for the Titans, a Bradshaw chop block negates this play.

3Q 2-5-NYG 16 (7:15) 44-A.Bradshaw right end to NYG 38 for 22 yards (24-C.Hope).
EXPLANATION: .5 Griffin, .5 Tulloch. Negatives here come from perceived failures to maintain gap integrity. Tulloch tries to use his speed to make a play, but Bradshaw's just fast enough to avoid him. Griffin's job as deep defender on this half of the field is to prevent any big plays on runs to his side. Instead, it's Hope who comes over from his job as deep defender on the other half of the field to make the play.

3Q 1-10-TEN 26 (3:55) 44-A.Bradshaw left end pushed ob at TEN 6 for 20 yards (52-J.Winborn).
EXPLANATION: .5 Ball, .5 Witherspoon. Hey, it's the counter-pitch and the Titans overpursue badly. Witherspoon is the linebacker to this side, and bites hard on the fake to fullback Hedgecock. Even if he had played it better, though, LT Diehl would've been able to block him because RDE Ball started off with a hard move upfield and got stuck in absolute no man's land. A play like this is one of the reasons the Titans will be doing something different with their defensive ends in 2011.

3Q 3-4-NYG 31 (:24) (Shotgun) 10-E.Manning pass short right to 82-M.Manningham pushed ob at TEN 44 for 25 yards (33-M.Griffin).
EXPLANATION: Finnegan. Giants go 5-wide, Titans man-up the wideouts. Finnegan tries to make the play on the short pass, but misses the ball and there's nobody nearby to tackle Manningham quickly. Nicely-placed pass by Eli.

4Q 1-10-TEN 44 (15:00) (Shotgun) 10-E.Manning pass short right to 88-H.Nicks pushed ob at TEN 24 for 20 yards (31-C.Finnegan).
EXPLANATION: .5 Finnegan, .5 Witherspoon. Bradshaw moves out wide right with Nicks slot right. The pump fake to Bradshaw draws both Witherspoon and Finnegan, leaving Nicks wide open. I think the Titans are in zone and Witherspoon shouldn't have bit on the fake to Bradshaw, but am not sure.

4Q 1-10-NYG 20 (1:39) (Shotgun) 10-E.Manning pass deep middle to 12-S.Smith to NYG 49 for 29 yards (33-M.Griffin).
EXPLANATION: Fuller. Straight man coverage, Smith runs a post, and Eli hits him ahead of Fuller's coverage.

1Q 1-10-DEN 25 (9:21) 8-K.Orton pass deep right to 19-E.Royal ran ob at DEN 48 for 23 yards.
EXPLANATION: Finnegan. Cortland abandoned Royal and started chasing the play after Orton's playfake.

2Q 1-10-DEN 32 (13:47) 8-K.Orton pass deep middle to 84-B.Lloyd to TEN 45 for 23 yards (20-A.Verner).
EXPLANATION: Verner. Completion in man coverage on a deep in.

3Q 2-13-DEN 39 (12:30) (Shotgun) 8-K.Orton pass short left to 19-E.Royal pushed ob at TEN 20 for 41 yards (24-C.Hope).
EXPLANATION: .5 scheme, .5 Tulloch. WR screen that the Broncos bust for big yardage against an alignment they must have liked. Tulloch once again almost makes the play.

4Q 2-1-DEN 39 (7:54) (Shotgun) 8-K.Orton pass deep right to 10-J.Gaffney to TEN 33 for 28 yards (31-C.Finnegan). TEN-95-W.Hayes was injured during the play. His return is Questionable.
EXPLANATION: Finnegan. Underthrow on what may have just been a back-shoulder fade, but either way it's complete against Finny in man coverage.

4Q PENALTY on TEN-24-C.Hope, Defensive Pass Interference, 49 yards, enforced at 50 - No Play.
EXPLANATION: .5 Finnegan, .5 Hope. Hope is the guy who commits the penalty here, but if Finnegan plays coverage the way he's supposed to on here, Lloyd isn't open by 10 yards and Hope doesn't have to panic.

1Q 1-10-DAL 40 (11:21) 28-F.Jones left tackle to TEN 40 for 20 yards (51-G.McRath).
EXPLANATION: .5 Witherspoon, .5 Tulloch. Cowboys run power, and a pulling Leonard Davis takes out both Tully and Spoon, who are playing too much of the same gap. This play looks like as much of a coordination problem as anything else.

1Q 3-6-DAL 31 (3:50) (Shotgun) 9-T.Romo pass short middle to 19-M.Austin to TEN 41 for 28 yards (24-C.Hope). Pass complete on slant.
EXPLANATION: .5 scheme, .5 Verner. Titans are in zone, and Austin's in Verner's area of responsibility, crossing from right to left. Romo waits for him to clear Verner and hits Austin for a big completion with the YAC.

2Q 2-32-DAL 44 (7:30) (Shotgun) 9-T.Romo pass deep middle to 19-M.Austin to TEN 30 for 26 yards (33-M.Griffin).
EXPLANATION: .5 Tulloch, .5 Griffin. Tulloch's manned up on Austin and gets beat (granted, not a favorable matchup), Griffin's playing deep safety and has a chance to break up the play and whiffs.

2Q 1-10-TEN 33 (1:18) (Shotgun) 9-T.Romo pass deep left to 11-R.Williams pushed ob at TEN 6 for 27 yards (24-C.Hope). Pass complete on fly pattern. The Replay Assistant challenged the pass completion ruling, and the play was Upheld.
EXPLANATION: .5 scheme, .5 Finnegan. Complete against a cover-2 void, but I don't know why Finnegan didn't just stay with Williams because there wasn't anyone else for him to be playing.

3Q 3-4-DAL 31 (13:44) (Shotgun) 9-T.Romo pass deep left to 19-M.Austin for 69 yards, TOUCHDOWN. Austin leaps and catches the pass between two defenders at the Tennessee 44 before running the distance.
EXPLANATION: .5 Mouton, .5 Griffin. Mouton gets beat in man, Griffin goes for the pick and whiffs and takes out Mouton.

3Q 2-4-DAL 41 (12:12) 28-F.Jones left end pushed ob at TEN 25 for 34 yards (24-C.Hope). TEN-95-W.Hayes was injured during the play. His return is Questionable.
EXPLANATION: Verner. Run defense = gap control. Jones runs right into Verner's gap and he can't make the tackle. The eye in the sky don't lie.

3Q 2-8-TEN 45 (2:53) 9-T.Romo pass short right to 82-J.Witten pushed ob at TEN 21 for 24 yards (92-W.Witherspoon). Pass complete on crossing pattern off play action.
EXPLANATION: Witherspoon. Complete in man coverage on a drag route. Witherspoon gets caught in the trash with Tulloch a little and stumbles. Good play by Witten.

4Q 1-10-DAL 48 (15:00) 9-T.Romo pass deep middle to 82-J.Witten to TEN 21 for 31 yards (24-C.Hope). Pass complete on seam route. Montrae Holland has a right eye contusion and will not return to the game.
EXPLANATION: scheme. I'm not sure what defense the Titans are in here. It looks like mostly cover-2, only Michael Griffin doesn't play cover-2 and Hope is playing deep half. Complete in the void over the linebackers and in front of Hope.

4Q 2-10-DAL 40 (7:21) (Shotgun) 9-T.Romo pass deep right to 11-R.Williams ran ob at TEN 33 for 27 yards [22-V.Fuller]. Pass complete on fly route.
EXPLANATION: Finnegan. Complete in man coverage.

3Q 2-11-JAC 34 (10:44) 5-T.Edwards pass deep right to 80-M.Thomas to TEN 45 for 21 yards (31-C.Finnegan).
EXPLANATION: Finnegan. Completion in man coverage when Cortland seems to be extraordinarily surprised that Edwards runs something like an actual route.

3Q PENALTY on TEN-31-C.Finnegan, Defensive Pass Interference, 25 yards, enforced at TEN 45 - No Play.
EXPLANATION: Finnegan. Right after the previous play, Jags go after him again on a fly pattern. Finnegan just cuts off MSW's route with the ball in the air, and that's an easy flag.

4Q 2-4-TEN 49 (12:20) (Shotgun) 5-T.Edwards pass short middle to 80-M.Thomas to TEN 29 for 20 yards (22-V.Fuller).
EXPLANATION: Fuller. Complete in man coverage.

2Q 1-10-TEN 42 (3:28) (Shotgun) Direct snap to 18-J.Maclin. 4-K.Kolb pass deep right to 14-R.Cooper to TEN 5 for 37 yards (51-G.McRath). Maclin handed of to McCoy who then pitched it back to Kolb.
EXPLANATION: .5 Griffin, .5 Hope. Griffin just stands there and lets Cooper run right by him instead of, y'know, actually playing defense. Hope is playing deep safety and has a chance to make a pick, but Cooper just beats him to the ball. A very frustrating play all around.

2Q 3-3-SD 35 (3:33) 17-P.Rivers pass short left to 89-S.Ajirotutu to TEN 40 for 25 yards (20-A.Verner).
EXPLANATION: .5 busted coverage, .5 Hope. Scramble drill, Titans coverage breakdown. It's tough to tell without all-22, but I think Hope had Ajirotutu and abanoned him to pursue a scrambling Rivers. I'm not a huge fan of negging Hope for this play, given that it was third down, but his man made the play.

2Q 1-10-TEN 40 (2:48) 17-P.Rivers pass short right to 85-A.Gates to TEN 7 for 33 yards (33-M.Griffin, 24-C.Hope).
EXPLANATION: .5 Griffin, .5 McRath. Throwback screen to TE Gates, and it works like a charm because Griffin and McRath totally abandoned any pretense of discipline on the play.

3Q 1-10-SD 16 (5:16) 35-M.Tolbert left end to TEN 48 for 36 yards (20-A.Verner).
EXPLANATION: .5 Griffin, .5 Verner. Once again, no sense of discipline or gap responsibility from either player on this play. Simply horrific.

3Q 1-10-TEN 48 (4:29) 17-P.Rivers pass deep left to 85-A.Gates for 48 yards, TOUCHDOWN [93-J.Babin].
EXPLANATION: Witherspoon. Completion to Gates up the sidelines. The Chargers run a little cross, the trash slows up Spoon, and Gates is just faster. The really dispiriting part of this play is Finnegan stops running at the 20 or 25, and I'm not sure Hope pursued to the best of his ability on the play either, though he could have sensibly believed he was out of the play.

3Q 3-1-SD 28 (:32) (Shotgun) 43-D.Sproles up the middle to TEN 40 for 32 yards (33-M.Griffin).
EXPLANATION: .5 Tulloch, .5 Hope. Frustrating play here. Tulloch has the gap and seemingly should be able to stop Sproles maybe even short of the first down, only he whiffs, then Sproles against Hope in the open field results in the same sort of mismatch you'd expect.

4Q 3-11-TEN 39 (9:03) (Shotgun) 17-P.Rivers pass short middle to 85-A.Gates to TEN 18 for 21 yards (33-M.Griffin).
EXPLANATION: Seeing the failure of Witherspoon covering Gates, the Titans put Griffin in man coverage, and Gates uses the magic of Football Playing Ability. Griffin gets turned around on the play, and the Chargers have a big play and a third-down conversion.

2Q 1-10-MIA 20 (14:15) Handoff to #34 Williams pitched back to Henne 7-C.Henne pass deep right to 82-B.Hartline to TEN 26 for 54 yards (20-A.Verner).
EXPLANATION: .5 Verner, .5 Hope. Flea-flicker. After the handoff, Verner decided he could stop paying attention to Hartline, so he did (contra Finnegan, the other side, who stayed with his man). Hope, whose job as the deep safety is to prevent big plays, decided the run posed an immediate threat and wasn't able to recover to help Verner. Blame all around!

2Q 3-8-MIA 4 (2:54) (Shotgun) 7-C.Henne pass deep middle to 80-A.Fasano to MIA 35 for 31 yards (33-M.Griffin).
EXPLANATION: .5 scheme, .5 Tulloch. Really looks like cover-2, and this was a completion in the void in front of the safeties. The Mike's job may include dropping deeper to protect against routes like this one, but Tulloch's off doing something else somewhere.

3Q 1-10-TEN 49 (11:40) 7-C.Henne pass deep middle to 80-A.Fasano to TEN 21 for 28 yards (33-M.Griffin).
EXPLANATION: Scheme. Cover-2 void in front of the safeties. If there's anybody to blame here, it's Verner, as Tulloch's attention was (rightly) with the defenders who were crossing in front of him and Witherspoon.

3Q 1-10-MIA 49 (:16) Direct snap to 23-R.Brown. 34-R.Williams left end to TEN 28 for 23 yards (94-S.Marks).
EXPLANATION: .5 Ball, .5 scheme. Another example of other teams taking advantage of the Titans' defensive ends playing aggressively. Brown's reading Ball out of the Wildcat, Ball comes in too far inside, and the Dolphins have blockers to the outside. If Ball plays less aggressively, then the inside pursuit should be able to get Brown for a short gain.

4Q 1-10-MIA 31 (9:11) 16-T.Thigpen pass deep right to 80-A.Fasano to TEN 38 for 31 yards (24-C.Hope).
EXPLANATION: .5 Verner, .5 Hope. I'm not sure what the right division of responsibility between Verner and Hope is. Verner has Fasano in coverage initially, then abandons him, hopefully to Hope's deep coverage.

1-10-WAS 21 (8:12) 5-D.McNabb pass deep right to 89-S.Moss to TEN 31 for 48 yards (31-C.Finnegan). FUMBLES (31-C.Finnegan), ball out of bounds at TEN 31. Tennessee challenged the pass completion ruling, and the play was Upheld. (Timeout #1.)
EXPLANATION: Griffin. As deep safety, your responsibilities include "don't just let a guy run by you downfield." Griffin stumbles, Moss runs by him, and without Finnegan's help this may have been 6.

1Q 3-16-WAS 40 (:05) (Shotgun) 5-D.McNabb pass deep middle to 84-J.Galloway to TEN 40 for 20 yards (33-M.Griffin).
EXPLANATION: .5 scheme, .5 Griffin. Cover-2 void in front of the safeties, only Griffin seems to have been playing deeper than necessary.

2Q 1-10-WAS 37 (3:25) 5-D.McNabb pass short right to 86-F.Davis to TEN 40 for 23 yards (24-C.Hope) [78-J.Ford].
EXPLANATION: .5 scheme, .5 busted coverage. Another TE throwback screen that works great. This is a 23 yard gain instead of a 12 yard gain because Finnegan, Marks, and Griffin all missed tackles downfield. Play run to Gerald McRath's side, though he misplayed this one less badly than he did previous plays.

4Q 1-10-WAS 26 (8:33) 5-D.McNabb pass short left to 86-F.Davis pushed ob at WAS 47 for 21 yards (33-M.Griffin, 78-J.Ford).
EXPLANATION: .5 scheme, .5 Hope. Another TE throwback screen. Hope is the only, well, hope, but he gets partially picked by LT Williams and can't make an ankle tackle shortly after Davis makes the grab. After Hope's failed effort, there's nobody there to make the play.

OT 1-10-WAS 13 (13:26) 5-D.McNabb pass deep right to 47-C.Cooley pushed ob at WAS 39 for 26 yards (51-G.McRath).
EXPLANATION: McRath. Cooley runs a little crosser and turns it upfield and McRath's flailing around trying to follow him.

1Q 2-10-HOU 23 (9:08) 8-M.Schaub pass deep middle to 80-A.Johnson to HOU 44 for 21 yards (24-C.Hope, 33-M.Griffin).
EXPLANATION: Finnegan. Complete on a deep in in man coverage.

4Q 3-10-HOU 5 (9:58) 23-A.Foster left tackle pushed ob at HOU 42 for 37 yards (31-C.Finnegan).
EXPLANATION: .5 Tulloch, .5 Griffin. Gap responsibility and discipline. Tulloch blows his area of responsibility trying to make a play once again, and fails (which is kind of the point of this series). Griffin has deep responsibility, but he's slow to react, has a worse angle to Foster because of it, and tries to bring him down in a failed horse collar. This would've been a decent gain even without those plays, but watching these mistakes is just incredibly frustrating.

3Q 1-10-JAC 31 (5:52) 9-D.Garrard pass short right to 89-M.Lewis pushed ob at TEN 49 for 20 yards (55-S.Tulloch).
EXPLANATION: Scheme. TE screen, and it's well-blocked and well-executed by the Jaguars. McRath stays at home and maintains his responsibility on Lewis, but gets blocked out of the play, which I can't ding him for. Maybe with all-22 I'd feel differently, but I don't see anybody I want to blame here.

4Q 2-9-JAC 35 (2:42) 32-M.Jones-Drew left tackle to TEN 28 for 37 yards (92-W.Witherspoon).
EXPLANATION: .5 Hope, .5 Griffin. An ugly capper to an ugly game for the Titans' defense. Hope has responsibility for MJD's cutback, and misses the tackle, then Griffin gets stiff-armed to the ground as he tries to make the tackle to stop him short of the first-down marker.

1Q 1-10-50 (6:11) 18-P.Manning pass deep middle to 85-P.Garcon to TEN 30 for 20 yards (24-C.Hope) [93-J.Babin].
EXPLANATION: Verner. Completion on an in in man coverage.

1Q 2-10-TEN 30 (5:27) (No Huddle, Shotgun) 18-P.Manning pass deep middle to 15-B.White to TEN 10 for 20 yards (20-A.Verner).
EXPLANATION: Verner. Completion in man coverage after Verner bites hard on a fake.

2Q 3-14-IND 37 (14:05) (Shotgun) 18-P.Manning pass deep left to 87-R.Wayne to TEN 13 for 50 yards (31-C.Finnegan).
EXPLANATION: Finnegan. Completion in man coverage after Cortland stumbles tring to fend off Wayne.

3Q 1-10-IND 46 (9:43) (No Huddle, Shotgun) 18-P.Manning pass deep left to 87-R.Wayne to TEN 8 for 46 yards (31-C.Finnegan).
EXPLANATION: .5 Finnegan, .5 scheme. Completion against Finnegan in man coverage. Finnegan was actually in pretty good position, but just a better throw. You need deep help to prevent that, and Finnegan didn't get it.

4Q 2-10-IND 25 (3:37) (No Huddle) 18-P.Manning pass short right to 85-P.Garcon pushed ob at TEN 32 for 43 yards (30-J.McCourty).
EXPLANATION: .5 McCourty, .5 Hope. Missed tackles on a quick slant resulting in a big play. Honorable mention to Griffin, who ALSO had a chance at Garcon before he got the first down, though not as good a chance as Hope or McCourty.

3Q 1-10-TEN 38 (12:00) 8-M.Schaub pass deep middle to 81-O.Daniels to TEN 15 for 23 yards (24-C.Hope).
EXPLANATION: Griffin. Completion in man coverage.

1Q 1-10-KC 31 (14:55) (Shotgun) 7-M.Cassel pass deep right to 82-D.Bowe to TEN 48 for 21 yards (24-C.Hope).
EXPLANATION: busted coverage. Chiefs motion McCluster out right behind a stack including Bowe. Both Finnegan and Tulloch bite hard on McCluster, leaving McRath in coverage against two guys. Not a winning combination. I'm not confident who should've been in coverage on Bowe after the adjustment that should've been made, so not blaming anybody.

2Q 3-19-KC 25 (7:30) (Shotgun) 7-M.Cassel pass deep middle to 82-D.Bowe for 75 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
EXPLANATION: .5 Finnegan, .5 Griffin. Completion in man coverage right in front of deep safety defender Griffin.

4Q 2-6-TEN 44 (4:25) 7-M.Cassel pass short right to 82-D.Bowe to TEN 17 for 27 yards (31-C.Finnegan).
EXPLANATION: Finnegan. A wing and a prayer and Bowe hauls the ball in and gets some more yardage. To his credit, Finnegan did not bite on the smoke pumpfake.

3Q 1-10-TEN 30 (9:22) (Shotgun) 18-P.Manning pass deep right to 85-P.Garcon for 30 yards, TOUCHDOWN [93-J.Babin].
EXPLANATION: McCourty. Man coverage, and Garcon just runs by him. Deep safety help is not a reasonable expectation here.

4Q 2-10-IND 38 (1:20) (Shotgun) 18-P.Manning pass deep right to 15-B.White to TEN 42 for 20 yards (20-A.Verner).
EXPLANATION: Verner. Completion in man coverage on a corner route out of the slot.

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