Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Unread List

Just because, here are the books about football I own and haven't read yet:

Richard Whittingham, Rites of Autumn
John Sayle Watterson, College Football
Michael Oriard, Reading Football
David Nelson, Anatomy of a Game
Robert W. Peterson, Pigskin
Chris Willis, The Man Who Built the National Football League
Andy Piascik, Gridiron Gauntlet*
Lou Sahadi, One Sunday in December
Dave Klein, The Game of Their Lives
Mark Bowden, The Best Game Ever
Jonathan Rand, The Year That Changed the Game
Dave Steidel, Remember the AFL
Sean Lahman, The Pro Football Historical Abstract
Carroll/Palmer/Thorn, The Hidden Game of Football
Carroll/Palmer/Thorn, The Football Abstract
John Maxymuk, The Quarterback Abstract
Steve Belichick, Football Scouting Methods
Mike Ditka, Ditka
Bill Walsh, Finding the Winning Edge
Jim Tressel, The Winner's Manual for the Game of Life
Bill Walsh, The Score Takes Care of Itself
Kenny Hand, Year of Pain
Tom Bass, Play Football the NFL Way

Don't worry, the list of books not about football I own and haven't read yet is several times long than this list. There's also the 100+ football books listed on the spreadsheet, and then you have the strategy books, and all the books that are far enough down the priority list they're not even on the spreadsheet, and all the football-related PDFs I've downloaded...

*-Copy provided gratis to Football Outsiders.  Yes, I feel bad I haven't read and reviewed it yet.

UPDATE (5/30/11, 2059 CT): I neglected to mention Roy Blount's About Three Bricks Shy, which I've been pretending to read for the last two-plus months.


steve swain said...

Where did you find Finding The Winning Edge and how much of a dent did it put in your bank account?

I am trying to find a copy, but the cheapest I can find online is $57 for a used copy with writing and highlighting in it. Barely-touched-by-human-hands copies are going for hundreds of dollars.

Tom said...

No question, it's ridiculously expensive. I monitored prices and visited used book stores on and off for a couple years, hoping to find a decent copy cheap, and eventually bought a very high quality used copy on Amazon in December '10 for about $150. I think one or two of my law school books were more, but that's by far the most I've ever paid for a book for personal consumption.

Football and books are sort of my hobbies, and I had the money.

steve swain said...

Thanks, Tom.

I may end up doing the same you did and paying 100 something for a pretty good copy.