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Play Notes: 2011 Week 02 vs Baltimore-Pass Rush

Another post that's primarily a data dump, this aimed at judging the Titans' pass rush against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 2 of the 2011 NFL season. Even less detail than last week's simple defense UFR. Read the Total Titans post for the analysis and takeaways [note to self: insert direct link to Total Titans post once it's done.]

As per normal course, full details after the jump.

3-7-BLT 23 (13:43) (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass incomplete short right to A.Boldin (C.Finnegan).
Rush 4. Klug punches off the LG and loops. Ravens pick it up, but LT McKinnie has to retreat. Jones also coming from LDE position against Oher. Flacco scrambles, Finnegan in tight coverage w/ PD.

2-8-BLT 6 (10:48) (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass incomplete short middle to E.Dickson (C.Finnegan).
Titans rush 4. Pressure doesn't seem to affect decision/throw. Solid hit by Finnegan creates PD.

3-8-BLT 6 (10:43) (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass incomplete short right to L.Evans.
Titans loop right again, Ball breaks free against fill-in LG LeVoir. Flacco has times, but forced to scramble and throws too far for Evans.

1-10-BLT 48 (9:41) J.Flacco pass short right to V.Leach to TEN 48 for 4 yards (J.McCourty).
Bootleg, LDE Sheppard sucked in. No pressure on FB flat pass.

3-4-TEN 46 (8:21) (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass short left intended for L.Evans INTERCEPTED by A.Verner at TEN 35. A.Verner pushed ob at TEN 39 for 4 yards (L.Evans).
Flacco has time, but see Klug has beaten LG LeVoir and is coming and arms a horrible pass for Evans that Verner easily undercuts. Horrible decision/throw by Flacco.

1-10-BLT 4 (4:40) J.Flacco pass short right to L.Evans pushed ob at BLT 17 for 13 yards (J.McCourty).
Playfake, Titans rush 4. McCourty has soft coverage and Evans has an easy 9-yard completion for the curl. Griffin appears to have lined up closer to midfield than the line of scrimmage on this play, as he's not visible on screen until very late.

2-7-BLT 20 (3:36) J.Flacco pass incomplete short left to A.Boldin (A.Verner).
PENALTY on TEN-M.Griffin, Unnecessary Roughness, 15 yards, enforced at BLT 20 - No Play. X2
The return of the wide-9! Both DEs are lined up there outside of the respect TE. Playfake, and both RDE Ball and LDE Morgan are playing very aggressively and up on Flacco soon after he steps up. He arms the ball off for Evans, who had a difficult release against Verner and can't haul the ball in. Griffin gets flagged for going in headfirst on Evans, ruining an RPS advantage and defensive win.

2-12-BLT 33 (2:54) J.Flacco pass incomplete short left to D.Pitta.
Titans bring an overload blitz to the left and a total of 5, but it's picked up. Flacco throws shallow for Pitta on a crossing route. Ruud gets there early and is fortunate not to be flagged for pass interference.

3-12-BLT 33 (2:49) (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass incomplete short middle to R.Rice.
LDE Morgan gets late pass pressure on a spin, but Flacco has time to read downfield and decide to throw the dumpoff well before Morgan gets there.

1-10-BLT 24 (14:55) J.Flacco pass incomplete short right to R.Rice.
Another rush 4 and a playfake with a 7-step drop. Flacco looks downfield and elects to take a dumpoff to Rice, which isn't well-thrown.

3-4-BLT 30 (14:10) (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass short right to R.Rice to BLT 36 for 6 yards (C.Finnegan).
Joe Flacco as a quarterback. Instead of making the stop route throw to Boldin, who had inside position on McCourty, he throws short of the sticks to an open Rice, who gets blocks from Boldin and Dickson to pick up the first. Rush 4, pressure no effect.

1-10-BLT 30 (8:01) J.Flacco pass short left to D.Pitta to BLT 46 for 16 yards (C.Finnegan) [D.Ball].
Playfake and rush 4. Ball is playing aggressively and Rice has to block him to give Flacco time to scramble, which he does and finds an open Pitta against what looks like zone.

1-10-BLT 46 (7:15) J.Flacco pass short right to A.Boldin to TEN 38 for 16 yards (M.Griffin).
Zone blitz, with Jones dropping into coverage and Ruud rushing. Ravens pick it up, and Flacco does a good job to hit Boldin in a zone window.

2-7-TEN 35 (5:58) J.Flacco pass incomplete short right.
Playfake and rush 4, though a zone blitz this time as RDE Ball drops off and Finny off the left slot blitzes into the runfake. Flacco has time to take a deep drop and does a classic KFC-style ballpat before Finny (on Rice), RDT Jones (LT McKinnie), and LDE Morgan (TE Pitta) start to converge on him and he scrambles for a throw away. Credit downfield coverage here.

3-7-TEN 35 (5:48) (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass short left to E.Dickson to TEN 26 for 9 yards (A.Verner). P7
3-2-6, and they bring S A.Smith as the fourth rusher. RDE Ball (from a wide-9!) is RB Rice's responsibility and jumps over the cut block attempt (kind of funny, to be honest), but Flacco finds TE Dickson in the right flat (designed) and Verner's tackle try is unable to stop him short of the first.

1-15-TEN 31 (4:49) J.Flacco pass short right to R.Rice for 31 yards, TOUCHDOWN. P8
Screen pass. Rush 4. Three attempted tackles (Ruud, Babineaux, Griffin), three whiffs. Touchdown.

1-10-TEN 30 (:29) (Shotgun) J.Flacco sacked at TEN 38 for -8 yards (K.Klug). FUMBLES (K.Klug), and recovers at TEN 34. J.Flacco to TEN 34 for no gain (D.Ball).
PENALTY on TEN-D.Morgan, Unnecessary Roughness, 15 yards, enforced at TEN 34.
Rush 4 again, and RDE Ball and RDT Klug loop and create trouble. This time LT McKinnie doesn't get out quickly enough to pick up Klug, who swipes the ball out of Flacco's hands. I'll forgo comment on Morgan's roughness penalty.

1-10-TEN 19 (:22) (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass short left to R.Rice to TEN 19 for no gain (D.Ball).
Rush 4. Flacco has time available, but LDE Morgan's bull rush against Oher eventually lets him wriggle toward Flacco, who again elects for the dumpoff to Rice.

2-10-TEN 19 (:15) (Shotgun) J.Flacco sacked at TEN 23 for -4 yards (D.Ball).
Rush only 3, as LDT Jones drops into coverage. DEs Morgan and Ball bring outside pressure, Flacco steps up into a clean pocket and eventually gets dropped by Ball for his indecision. Coverage sack more than a pressure one in my eyes.

1-10-BLT 20 (11:10) J.Flacco pass short middle to R.Rice to BLT 31 for 11 yards (J.Jones).
Playfake and rush 4. Flacco again has time to survey downfield and then takes the checkdown to Rice, who beats Ruud in man coverage for a first down.

2-11-BLT 30 (9:20) J.Flacco pass incomplete short left to E.Dickson.
Ravens run a clearout trying to get Dickson on a flat route. RDE Ball, intentionally blocked by Rice, gets some pressure up in Flacco, who arms it ahead of Dickson. Babineaux had good coverage on the play.

3-11-BLT 30 (9:16) (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass incomplete short right [D.Morgan].
3 DL, and McRath becomes the fourth rusher. No real pressure on Flacco, but he still gets antsy and and rolls right, where Klug is able to get pressure. After that, he scrambles more but has lost composure and eventually just chucks the ball out of bounds. It looks like he has Boldin across the middle just short of the sticks if he stands in the pocket a half-second longer.

2-10-BLT 20 (2:44) (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass incomplete deep left to L.Evans.
Rush 4, no pressure. Evans has beaten Verner on a fly pattern, but Flacco overthrows him by 3 yards. Why couldn't you have completed this one and overthrown the pass in the playoff game, you !@#!%#?

3-10-BLT 20 (2:37) (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass deep middle to A.Boldin to BLT 40 for 20 yards (J.Babineaux). P11
Rush 4, no pressure, and Flacco hits the deep in the zone window. The kind of play I was expecting to see.

1-10-BLT 40 (1:59) J.Flacco pass incomplete short left to R.Rice [J.Casey].
Playfake, rush 4. Flacco has time to look downfield and doesn't see anything he likes. Casey eventually comes off LG LeVoir and Flacco arms a dumpoff.

3-2-BLT 48 (1:11) J.Flacco pass incomplete short left to E.Dickson.
Ravens outsmart themselves here, as the playcall is a throwback to Dickson, who lines up in-line right and dives forward on the ground at the snap. They're trying to leak him backside, but Babineaux picks him up. The play design has LDE Marks essentially unblocked, at RT Oher pulls to sell the run action on this 3&short. It's a one-man throw, essentially, for Flacco, and he can't make a good pass to Dickson.

2-9-BLT 38 (14:12) J.Flacco pass deep right intended for E.Dickson INTERCEPTED by J.McCourty (C.Finnegan) at TEN 44. J.McCourty to BLT 26 for 30 yards (L.Evans).
Rush 4 and a playfake. RDT Klug gets good penetration quickly, beating Birk and shooting the gap before getting picked up by Ricky Williams. Flacco boots and before Morgan gets there has time to set up and throw to Dickson. Unfortunately for the Ravens, this is a horrific decision, as Dickson's blanketed by Finnegan, who gets the tip and a fortuitous pick for McCourty.

1-10-BLT 17 (11:54) (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass short left to R.Rice to BLT 22 for 5 yards (J.Babineaux).
Rush 4, read downfield, then take the dumpoff to Rice. Snore. Pressure w/ no impact on the play.

2-5-BLT 22 (11:17) (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass short right to A.Boldin to BLT 32 for 10 yards (J.McCourty).
Rush 4, throw the quick curl to outside receiver Boldin. Same kind of route they ran from the 4 earlier with Evans.

1-10-BLT 32 (10:42) (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass deep right to L.Evans to TEN 36 for 32 yards (M.Griffin).
Rush 4. Looks like cover-2, and Flacco hits the deep outside void before Griffin can get over. No relevant pressure. As far as cover-2's go, this is a deep one and Flacco's excellent arm strength allows him to make this throw. Just had to get that in, since Flacco has looked like garbage most of this game.

1-10-TEN 36 (9:57) (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass short middle to D.Pitta to TEN 28 for 8 yards (C.Finnegan).
Rush 4, throw out quickly on the sitdown route to TE Pitta against the underneath zone.

1-10-TEN 25 (8:37) (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass incomplete deep middle to A.Boldin (M.Griffin).
Rush 4, pressure with no effect. Flacco for some reason tries to fit in a deep seam pass against man-free (aka Cover-1 or Man-1) and Griffin has an easy PD, though honestly you'd like to see Griffin pick this pass off. If Griffin doesn't get it, McCourty should be able to get the PD. Just an inexplicably bad read.

2-10-TEN 25 (8:31) (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass short middle to E.Dickson to TEN 9 for 16 yards (B.Ruud).
Rush 4, no pressure to speak of. Complete against Ruud in front of what looked like a deep drop in Tampa-2.

2-6-TEN 6 (7:15) J.Flacco pass incomplete short middle to A.Boldin.
Ravens run trips to the right. Boldin runs a short in, and can't haul in the pass with Finnegan in coverage after a hit from Ruud. Should've been a TD. The reason it's not is Finnegan has one of Boldin's arms hooked and he can't get it free. Should've been flagged for pass interference, and the Titans get away with another one.

3-11-TEN 11 (7:10) (Shotgun) J.Flacco pass incomplete short middle to A.Boldin.
Rush 3, with LDT Jones again dropping off in coverage. No pressure, Flacco scrambles anyway. Boldin from his left slot position runs an in and starts to go out as Flacco scrambles that direction. Does this throw get tipped by Finnegan on its way? Not listed in the play-by-play, and I don't see enough flutter to make me say for sure it was. In that case, this is a really bad drop by Boldin, and even if it was tipped, it's still a bad drop.

1-10-BLT 31 (:20) (Shotgun) J.Flacco sacked at BLT 26 for -5 yards (D.Morgan).
Rush 4, some pressure on Flacco as the pocket collapses and rather than throw the ball away he decides to step up into rushers. Another decision that's almost inexplicably bad, and Morgan is the winner in "who gets the sack" roulette.

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