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Simple UFR: 2011 Week 01 at Jaguars-Defense

I gave you the offense a couple days ago, now it's time for the defense.

I haven't really done true UFR for the defense before outside of just play notes on preseason games. If I had to put things in a spectrum, these are much closer to play notes in terms of responsibility than "true" UFR, which I think of as much more hardcore into grading and analytic measures.

There are few personnel notes-I didn't record when the Titans were in nickel or other interesting formational bits unless particularly relevant to the play. As with the offensive breakdown, the only separator for drives is what's listed in the Gamebook, the team name and time. I've bolded those, and added two-spaces. I also didn't do drive recaps like I used to, but will probably include those if I have time to do this going forward.

Full details after the jump.

Jacksonville Jaguars at 12:59
1-10-JAX 37 (12:59) M.Jones-Drew right tackle to JAX 42 for 5 yards (D.Ball).
Well-blocked power run to the right side, as Ruud and Witherspoon get picked. Ball does a good job as MJD is going past him to prevent a bigger gain.

2-5-JAX 42 (12:27) M.Jones-Drew up the middle to JAX 44 for 2 yards (B.Ruud; J.Casey).
Ruud and Casey get the credit, but the key play is Ayers who stands up Lewis at the POA and that gives Ruud the chance to make the play.

3-3-JAX 44 (11:50) (Shotgun) M.Jones-Drew up the middle to JAX 48 for 4 yards (G.McRath).
Congrats to Casey and Smith for getting blown off the ball to create a hole in the middle of the line. Ruud is lined up at a sort of MLB and takes a step to follow Lewis, revealing the man coverage. McRath has MJD and steps to fill the hole and stop MJD two yards short, but he converts anyway.

1-10-JAX 48 (11:17) M.Jones-Drew up the middle to 50 for 2 yards (W.Hayes).
Casey gets doubled and ends up 6 yards downfield, so fortunately Hayes is able to do a good job of coming down the line and hitting MJD in the hole.

2-8-50 (10:40) L.McCown pass short right to M.Thomas to TEN 42 for 8 yards (C.Hope).
Penalty on TEN-S.Smith, Defensive Offside, declined.
Titans have 8 in the box and McCourty is playing well off, so McCown takes the quick out to Thomas, who does a good job to pick up 8 yards. Hope was a box defender and has to hustle to get Thomas, who evades his first hit and gets a couple extra yards to pick up the first. Personnel note: Marks at LDE.

1-10-TEN 42 (10:13) D.Karim up the middle to TEN 34 for 8 yards (C.Hope).
Jaguars have 7 defenders to block 7, and everybody wins. Karim has a good hole to run through and Hope has to come down from his deep safety position. Particularly disappointing was Smith, who gets beat 1v1 by Rackley at the point of attack.

2-2-TEN 34 (9:34) D.Karim right end to TEN 33 for 1 yard (W.Witherspoon).
Jaguars OL does a good job of slanting down, but Witherspoon beats the OL to the hole and fills it to make a solid tackle and prevent a first down.

3-1-TEN 33 (8:56) L.McCown up the middle to TEN 31 for 2 yards (B.Ruud).
Low man wins in this situation, and Smith and Casey are both high man and get beat because of it.

1-10-TEN 31 (8:16) (Shotgun) L.McCown pass short left to M.Thomas to TEN 25 for 6 yards (Z.Clayton).
Wide receiver screen, and Finny whiffs at the point of attack. Good pursuit from the unblocked linemen, and Clayton makes the tackle.

2-4-TEN 25 (7:36) M.Jones-Drew right end to TEN 21 for 4 yards (B.Ruud).
Sweep to the right side. Ruud gets picked by the linebacker but stands up the fullback to make the stop, though not before preventing the first down. Ayers does a good job in pursuit until the end, when he's just behind MJD and can't make the play.

1-10-TEN 21 (6:55) M.Jones-Drew up the middle for 21 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
The touchdown. Klug gets moved way too easily, Rackley shields off Ruud to create a lane, and it's an untouched score for MJD.

Jacksonville Jaguars at 5:15
1-10-JAX 44 (5:15) M.Jones-Drew up the middle to TEN 46 for 10 yards (B.Ruud).
McCourty and Ayers should have MJD stopped for a short gain on the cutback, but instead he gets low and bounces off of them and Ruud has to make a cleanup tackle.

1-10-TEN 46 (4:39) M.Jones-Drew up the middle to TEN 40 for 6 yards (W.Witherspoon).
Kind of like Power, and it's well-blocked. Ball goes well to get an arm on MJD as he's going through the hole, but MJD is able to scoot forward for a few more yards.

2-4-TEN 40 (3:59) M.Jones-Drew left end to TEN 35 for 5 yards (B.Ruud).
Ruud takes a step too far, kind of opening up a lane, but Ball gets an arm on MJD and slows him down enough for Ruud to recover and make the tackle.

1-10-TEN 35 (3:21) L.McCown sacked at TEN 40 for -5 yards (W.Hayes).
Penalty on JAX-W.Rackley, Offensive Holding, declined.
The Jags' protection gets screwed up here, and it looks like the line was expecting a different defensive call than they got, like a stunt. RDE Hayes gets instead of LT Monroe much too easily and is able to get on the outside shoulder and turn LG Rackley much too easily. Nice individual effort.

2-15-TEN 40 (2:52) D.Karim up the middle to TEN 43 for -3 yards (C.Finnegan).
Penalty on JAX-B.Meester, Offensive Holding, declined.
An inside draw handoff, but Clayton(!) has done a good job of pushing C Meester a couple yards downfield into the hole and Karim has to try to make something on his own. Good job by the rookie, the first time I remember actually being impressed by him.

3-18-TEN 43 (2:31) (Shotgun) L.McCown pass incomplete short right to M.Thomas.
Not much of an angle here for a pass, and McCown just sails it out of bounds. Curious to see him not check down to Karim slipping out of the backfield, who could've gotten a couple yards.

Jacksonville Jaguars at 12:45
1-10-JAX 20 (12:45) D.Karim up the middle to JAX 24 for 4 yards (A.Ayers).
Ayers at LOLB takes too many steps inside and can't get outside the FB, which gives Karim a good gain on this play instead of nothing, though at least his shoestring tackle prevents a bigger gain.

2-6-JAX 24 (12:08) D.Karim left end to JAX 25 for 1 yard (A.Ayers).
Similar to the earlier stop by Hayes, nice effort by an unblocked player to motor down the line, though Ruud appears to be in the position to make the tackle after a short gain.

3-5-JAX 25 (11:28) (Shotgun) L.McCown pass short middle to M.Lewis to JAX 45 for 20 yards (C.Hope).
The defensive playcall is to show blitz, with Ruud then dropping off into an underneath middle zone). McCown isn't fooled at all, and easily finds an open Lewis with room to run.

1-10-JAX 45 (10:44) M.Jones-Drew up the middle to JAX 49 for 4 yards (J.Casey).
Draw play after a faking the quick pass, and the DTs get moved. Casey eventually gets credit for the tackle, but the stop really goes to Ruud and Witherspoon for filling the hole.

2-6-JAX 49 (10:07) L.McCown pass short middle to J.Hill to TEN 33 for 18 yards (J.McCourty).
Not sure what the coverage here is, maybe quarter-quarter-half, but whatever it is Hill finds an open spot in the zone and McCown hits him. Ruud blitzes and gets McCown after he completes the pass, which is TOTALLY my favorite kind of blitz.

1-10-TEN 33 (9:28) (Shotgun) M.Jones-Drew up the middle to TEN 32 for 1 yard (K.Klug).
Really nice play by Klug of getting off his blockers this time and filling the hole-if he'd done this on the touchdown, that would've been really nice. Ayers and Ruud both do a better job this time of filling holes.

2-9-TEN 32 (8:50) L.McCown pass short right to M.Lewis to TEN 24 for 8 yards (C.Finnegan).
Quick out, McRath in man coverage, and it's complete and a missed tackle to turn 3&medium in to 3&short.

3-1-TEN 24 (8:10) D.Karim right end to TEN 23 for 1 yard (K.Klug).
Toss sweep to the right. Ruud does a good job of diving in to take out Karim's legs, but he's able to fall forward for the first down.

1-10-TEN 23 (7:24) D.Karim up the middle to TEN 20 for 3 yards (A.Ayers).
I've been trying to pay special attention to him because of the grief he's taking (a lot of it deserved), but this is a veteran play by an MLB. He flows, but has to recognize that Spoon gets picked by an outside linebacker and if Karim takes the outside cutback he has to make the play. Once Karim can't take the outside cut, he avoids a blocker and fills the inside cut, Ayers is playside, and Karim (without hesitation-take note Titans RBs) plows forward for what he can get.

2-7-TEN 20 (6:42) (Shotgun) L.McCown pass incomplete short middle to M.Lewis (J.McCourty).
Lewis is lined up wide to the right and runs a deep in. McCourty does a nice job of undercutting the play and breaking it up. Dan Fouts then criticizes him for not making an interception, but I can't do that-it's a good play by McCourty to prevent a score and is a difficult interception.

3-7-TEN 20 (6:37) (Shotgun) L.McCown sacked at TEN 28 for -8 yards (J.McCourty). FUMBLES (J.McCourty), recovered by JAX-E.Monroe at TEN 30. E.Monroe to TEN 30 for no gain (D.Ball).
McCourty untouched off the slot blitz. He's to McCown's right, but Luke's scanning the field to his left and never sees him. Titans are unfortunate not to get the fumble, as that would've taken points off the board.

Jacksonville Jaguars at 3:46
1-10-JAX 7 (3:46) M.Jones-Drew up the middle to JAX 8 for 1 yard (D.Ball).

2-9-JAX 8 (3:01) M.Jones-Drew up the middle to JAX 8 for no gain (C.Hope).
Ayers gets inside of Lewis's block and fills the hole, another nice play by the rookie.

3-9-JAX 8 (2:39) (Shotgun) L.McCown pass short right to J.Hill to JAX 12 for 4 yards (J.McCourty).
Jaguars roll right, away from the blitz, and throw short for Hill. McCourty does a good job of making a quick tackle for little YAC and forcing the Jaguars to punt.

Jacksonville Jaguars at 1:37
1-10-JAX 16 (1:37) G.Jones up the middle to JAX 22 for 6 yards (W.Witherspoon; B.Ruud).
RDE Sheppard gets his arms out to slow down Jones, Ruud avoids his blocker to get in there, and Witherspoon makes the tackle. Disappointing at the point of attack, but a good second effort by Sheppard.

2-4-JAX 22 (1:11) (Shotgun) L.McCown pass short left to M.Thomas to JAX 23 for 1 yard (W.Witherspoon).
Another quick screen attempt, and Witherspoon does a great job of reacting quickly, avoiding the block, and making the tackle.

3-3-JAX 23 (:27) (Shotgun) D.Karim up the middle to JAX 24 for 1 yard (D.Ball).
Draw on third down. Ball is the unblocked defender and makes the tackle, but the play was made by Hayes, who gets inside of the right tackle and forces the cutback into Ball.

Jacksonville Jaguars at 15:00
1-10-JAX 20 (15:00) L.McCown pass short middle to J.Hill to JAX 36 for 16 yards (J.McCourty).
Complete on the in against McCourty in man coverage. The Titans show blitz, and it's again ineffective.

1-10-JAX 36 (14:28) M.Jones-Drew up the middle to JAX 37 for 1 yard (J.Casey).
Casey gets the tackle, but credit here goes to Ruud who stands up FB Bolen in the hole and limits MJD's places to run.

2-9-JAX 37 (13:49) L.McCown scrambles up the middle to JAX 45 for 8 yards (G.McRath).
No clue what's happening downfield, but McCown sees a hole and gets close to the first down. A braver quarterback probably gets the first, but McCown's dive before he gets touched is the smarter play.

3-1-JAX 45 (13:14) L.McCown up the middle to JAX 46 for 1 yard (J.Casey).
The new era of defensive tackles again gets overpowered on a QB sneak. Ho hum.

1-10-JAX 46 (12:21) (Shotgun) M.Jones-Drew up the middle to TEN 47 for 7 yards (D.Ball).
McRath should have this stopped for almost no gain, but he overreacts to the initial play look and leaves the cutback open. Ball was dropping into coverage or something and has to make the tackle.

2-3-TEN 47 (11:34) (Shotgun) L.McCown pass short left to M.Thomas to TEN 45 for 2 yards (M.Griffin).
Quick pass with two eligible receivers out blocking. Griffin is the third defensive player and makes the tackle, as he should. Credit further McCourty, who does a good job of preventing Thomas from getting to the outside where Griffin would've taken longer to get to him.

3-1-TEN 45 (10:58) L.McCown FUMBLES (Aborted) at TEN 45, RECOVERED by TEN-W.Witherspoon at TEN 44.
W.Witherspoon to TEN 44 for no gain (U.Nwaneri).
McCown tries a quick sneak and dive to the right, would likely would've worked if he'd been able to handle the snap. A fortuitous turnover for the Titans.

Jacksonville Jaguars at 10:20
1-10-JAX 36 (10:20) D.Karim up the middle to JAX 40 for 4 yards (D.Ball).
PENALTY on JAX-W.Rackley, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at JAX 36 - No Play.
Rackley gets flagged for holding Casey, who started to get away from him as Karim was running past. Ruud overruns this playside and gets picked and backside defender Finnegan off the slot gets picked as well, so it's good Ball is around to make the tackle.

1-20-JAX 26 (10:18) (Shotgun) L.McCown pass short left to M.Thomas to JAX 27 for 1 yard (M.Griffin; B.Ruud).
Another quick pass with blockers, but it's a poor throw by McCown. Verner is aggressive and runs himself out of the outside contain McCourty kept earlier, but Griffin is able to come up and fill the outside lane from his deep safety spot.

2-19-JAX 27 (9:14) (Shotgun) L.McCown pass short left to D.Karim to JAX 36 for 9 yards (G.McRath) [K.Klug].
Ian Eagle calls it a dumpoff, I call it a screen. McRath gets partially picked by C Meester, but recovers to make the tackle another 7 yards downfield.

3-10-JAX 36 (8:40) (Shotgun) L.McCown pass short left to D.Karim ran ob at JAX 48 for 12 yards (C.Hope).
A swing pass this time, not a screen, and both Verner and McRath whiff on tackle attempts to permit the first down. Poor performance by the nickel subs.

1-10-JAX 48 (8:10) M.Owens left end to TEN 49 for 3 yards (B.Ruud).
Penalty on TEN-M.Sheppard, Defensive Offside, declined.
PENALTY on TEN-S.Smith, Unnecessary Roughness, 15 yards, enforced at TEN 49.
Outside zone. Finnegan plays it aggressively and gives up the edge, forcing Ruud to get out there and make the tackle. Sheppard at LDE lined up in the neutral zone, a stupid mistake. Smith and Munchak might not have been able to tell you what he got his penalty for, but I can: WR Shorts gives Sheppard a late block, so Smith goes over and, well, I can't be absolutely sure, but seems to give Shorts a piece of his mind and/or a bigger shove.

1-10-TEN 34 (7:53) M.Owens left end to TEN 27 for 7 yards (B.Ruud).
I thought the defensive tackles were supposed to be able to keep offensive linemen off the linebackers. Well, they can't. Ruud gets credit for the tackle, but the force defender is Hope coming up from his safety spot.

2-3-TEN 27 (7:15) (Shotgun) M.Owens up the middle to TEN 20 for 7 yards (B.Ruud).
Ruud reacts to the read-option look and is slow to attack the hole, giving Owens a couple extra yards. Marks at LDE is much too easily blocked out of the play.

1-10-TEN 20 (6:42) M.Jones-Drew left end to TEN 14 for 6 yards (B.Ruud; A.Ayers).
Ruud heads around a blocked Ayers to fill the outside, so MJD takes it not quite outside but more to the inside. Another play that's much too well-blocked for the Titans to have a win, but they're able to limit the losses. Hayes is the RDE on the play, so just know he's not having a great game even though my mentions of him have been positive.

2-4-TEN 14 (6:04) M.Jones-Drew up the middle to TEN 11 for 3 yards (S.Smith).
Smith does a good job of getting an arm around MJD, as Ruud is playing passively. I think his passive play is mostly by design, but it's frustrating after watching last year's much more aggressive defense.

3-1-TEN 11 (5:22) M.Jones-Drew right end to TEN 5 for 6 yards (M.Griffin).
Ruud here does a good job of attacking the hole on the toss sweep, but MJD is able to flatten around to the outside and avoid his lunge. Witherspoon could've done a better job of standing up the tigth end, too, and McCourty becomes the third corner to lose his contain by playing aggressively.

1-5-TEN 5 (4:37) M.Jones-Drew up the middle to TEN 1 for 4 yards (M.Griffin).
Griffin gets credit for the tackle here, but it's really Hope making the hit on MJD going through the hole that sends him to the ground, with a dive that ends just short of the end zone.

2-1-TEN 1 (3:59) M.Jones-Drew up the middle to TEN 1 for no gain (B.Ruud; A.Ayers).
Power. Ruud and Ayers both read the pulling guard and fill the hole. Ideally on Power on the goalline you'd fill the backside gap, but the Jaguars cut the Titans DL, who aren't that quick anyway.

3-1-TEN 1 (3:16) M.Jones-Drew right end to TEN 3 for -2 yards (B.Ruud; A.Ayers).
Ruud meets MJD in the hole and doesn't get run over. MJD's second effort gets cleaned up for naught.

Jacksonville Jaguars at 2:18, (1st play from scrimmage 2:12)
1-10-JAX 19 (2:12) D.Karim up the middle to JAX 20 for 1 yard (M.Sheppard).
Good play here by Casey against LG Rackley and by Sheppard of eliminating the cutback. It may not be the Ravens, but somebody's going to run boot action against the Titans and may have 8 seconds to throw.

2-9-JAX 20 (1:31) L.McCown pass short right to M.Thomas to JAX 32 for 12 yards (C.Hope).
Or it could be the Jaguars. Thomas runs the jerk route out of trips and is an easy option for McCown, who's under now pass pressure at all. Thomas is faster than Hope (who knew) and turns 7 yards into 12.

1-10-JAX 32 (:50) (Shotgun) D.Karim up the middle to JAX 33 for 1 yard (M.Sheppard).
Nice job by LDE Sheppard of bouncing off the block of a pulling LG Rackley and tackling Karim in the hole.

2-9-JAX 33 (:11) L.McCown pass incomplete short middle to J.Hill.
Quick slant against McCourty's man coverage, dropped.

3-9-JAX 33 (:08) (Shotgun) L.McCown pass short middle to J.Hill to JAX 48 for 15 yards (J.McCourty).
Titans bring 5, McCown isn't hugely pressured but scrambles to buy time and finds Hill on an intermediate in against McCourty's man coverage. I like Jason, but he hasn't had the best game in man today.

1-10-JAX 48 (15:00) L.McCown pass incomplete short left to G.Jones.
Not sure about what was available downfield, but McCown takes the checkdown to Jones in the flat, who drops the pass. Three underneath zone defenders, Finnegan the man on Jones.

2-10-JAX 48 (14:54) (Shotgun) L.McCown pass short right to D.Karim to TEN 34 for 18 yards (C.Hope). P19
Screen pass. Titans in nickel, and McRath has been benched for Witherspoon. Well-blocked, and the closest open defender, Ruud, doesn't take the best angle, though he also didn't have a good one.

1-10-TEN 34 (14:12) D.Karim right end to TEN 25 for 9 yards (C.Hope; A.Ayers). TEN-W.Hayes was injured during the play. His return is Questionable.
I didn't care for Ayers' performance on this play, as he's entirely too passive and needs to realize Ball has outside contain so he needs to go playside. Ruud gets picked by RG Nwaneri and can't make the play. There's no need to block Ayers, so Hope has to come up from his safety spot as the force defender.

2-1-TEN 25 (13:49) D.Karim up the middle to TEN 26 for -1 yards (S.Marks).
RDE Marks gets credit for the tackle, but the key to the play is Hope coming up on a run blitz from his safety spot. While he doesn't get credit for the tackle, Marks has an easy cleanup.

3-2-TEN 26 (13:08) L.McCown pass short left to M.Thomas to TEN 27 for -1 yards (M.Griffin).
Another quick pass to Thomas, though there's only one blocker for two DBs. Griffin reacts well before the lineman can come out and pick him and makes a good tackle to prevent the first.

Jacksonville Jaguars at 11:00
1-10-JAX 33 (11:00) D.Karim right end to JAX 40 for 7 yards (M.Griffin).
Another toss-sweep, and again the Titans are outnumbered and overpowered. Ruud reads the pulling offensive lineman and overruns the lane Karim eventually takes, and this time it's Griffin that has to come up from his safety spot and make the play.

2-3-JAX 40 (10:15) D.Karim up the middle to JAX 40 for no gain (C.McCarthy).
McCarthy in for Ruud now. Yes, Gray was apparently as annoyed with him as most of you. He makes an immediate impression, playing the hole much more aggressively. Though he gets credit for the tackle, the force was by Hope coming in from the backside.

3-3-JAX 40 (9:31) (Shotgun) L.McCown pass incomplete short left to M.Thomas [D.Ball].
Titans bring an obvious overload to the offensive right, so naturally it's a rollout to the offensive left. RDE Ball is heading into this face, so he can't set and try to make a throw to a covered receiver and instead just throws it away.

Jacksonville Jaguars at 3:34
1-10-JAX 20 (3:34) M.Jones-Drew up the middle to JAX 22 for 2 yards (S.Smith).
Heavy set against a lot of people. Can't tell what happens in the middle without an end zone angle.

2-8-JAX 22 (3:25) L.McCown pass incomplete short right to M.Thomas [M.Sheppard].
Pretty sure the QB hit goes to Ayers. He is EMLOS on the offensive right in a 2-point stance over trips and is in a straight rush. Boot action, and McCown has to just get rid of the ball in the general direction of Thomas. The clock stops about :13 too late.

3-8-JAX 22 (3:08) (Shotgun) L.McCown pass deep middle to M.Thomas to JAX 48 for 26 yards (B.Ruud). P20
Titans bring 5, but the corner blitz from Verner takes fooooorever. McCown has plenty of time to set up in the pocket and complete one to Thomas over Ruud in what looks like man coverage and in front of the safeties. Gee, linebacker on wide receiver on a vertical route, who ever would have guessed the wideout would win.

1-10-JAX 48 (2:16) M.Jones-Drew left end to 50 for 2 yards (S.Smith). TEN-W.Hayes was injured during the play. His return is Questionable.
Another toss sweep. Ayers and Finnegan at least prevent him from getting the edge, and the rest of the defense cleans it up.

2-8-50 (2:16) M.Jones-Drew up the middle to TEN 47 for 3 yards (W.Witherspoon).
Short run up the middle. Witherspoon fills the hole, MJD still gets a couple.

3-5-TEN 47 (2:00) (Shotgun) L.McCown pass incomplete short right to B.Bolen.
A stop route to the fullback flexed outside against a corner in man coverage when the opponent is out of timeouts? Why, Dirk Koetter, why? A horrible failure of a play, and hardly any credit to the Titans for it.

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