Friday, September 02, 2011

Titans-Saints data dump

As I did recently for the Vikings game, it's time for a play-by-play comments data dump for the Titans' most recent preseason games. Notes on each first-half play of the Saints game after the jump.

P1-Bootleg, Hayes gets kind of sucked in. Verner comes up for the cut tackle on the TE and can’t get him, nor can Ayers on the hit.
P2-5-man front, Ayers jams TE Humphrey. Short out complete against soft coverage.
P3-Deep out complete against Fuller in man on slot receiver.
P4-Ayers blows outside contain, solid play by McCourty to get off block and tackle Bell.
P5-Hayes can’t set the edge, Marks can’t get the guard, and McRath gets picked, so Bell gets the edge and 5 yards.
P6-Smith doesn’t penetrate, but does stuff the run after a short gain.
P7-Hayes eventually gets pressure and beats the TE blocking him, forcing a dumpoff which Cobbs drops.
P8-Looks like Canfield wants a slant, but Verner’s in position and it’s a bad read by him. Klug gets some penetration and Canfield eventually throws it away.
Punt, 0-0

P1-Nice completion on what looks like a deep in to Washington.
P2-Great hole on a cutback, but Harper is slow to attack Greer and gets tackled by him anyway. 7 yard gain, but from the shot on TV CJ would’ve had a TD.
P3-Something we may see a bit of this year: Cook in the slot with Britt, quick pass to Cook, let Britt give him a block and then plow forward.
P4-Run right. Harper sees an unblocked Greer on the edge, so before he gets to him he just stops. Only a 2 yard run, should’ve been more. RUN FORWARD!
P5-Looks like the Saints D adjust well to the Britt/Cook route combination, Hasselbeck doesn’t complete the dumpoff.
P6-Screen on 3rd down gets blown up, so Hasselbeck smartly throws the ball into the turf.
Punt, 0-0

P1-Awful throw by Canfield on a rollout to his left, short pass falls incomplete.
P2-Klug beats the Saints’ second-team OG soundly with a swim move and sacks Canfield in the end zone for a safety.  Nice to see Klug beat the OG, but a better QB throws the ball away here.
Safety, 2-0

P1-Blah, short run right side.
P2-Nice gain of 5 by Harper on the draw, and he didn’t try to bounce it for once.
P3-Hall is Hasselbeck’s protector in the gun.  Looks like a miscommunication as Hasselbeck throws the comeback and Britt keeps running.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of that early in the year.
Punt, 2-0

P1-Cutback & Ayers is ridiculously out of position. Sheppard gets held on the edge to wipe out the 11-yard gain.
P2-McCarthy fills the hole on the draw, short gain.
P3-Canfield hits Bell on the short pass and McRath tackles him from behind to turn 2&long into 3&short.
P4-McCarthy stop Humphrey on the short pass, then Babineaux comes in and knocks the ball out, recovered by McCourty.
Fumble, 2-0

P1-Locker in. Harper carry, counter, faces no penetration, but Cook sort of loses his man on the edge and Harper of course bounces it.
P2-Harper cutback up middle. See defender, bounce, get tripped up by defender.  I’m frustrated again.
P3-Locker doesn’t see anything open, semi-throw away to cover Hall in the flat short of the sticks.
FG, 5-0

P1-Bootleg and McRath gets sucked in, as does S A.Smith coming up in support. Smith eventually recovers but not before the Saints get 10 yards.
P2-Canfield scrambles, then throws late, across body, to the opposite side of the field. How could that possibly fail?! McCourty gets the PBU, Babineaux the opportunistic pick.
Interception, 5-0

P1-Nice pass to Curtis in what looks like a zone void on the left side. Second-team OL is in here, with Otto-Velasco-Matthews-Durand-Terry.
P2-Moore finds no running room inside, so he bounces it and Curtis’s man makes the tackle. Decent gain.
P3-Short curl complete to Hawk, but can’t get away from his defender.
P4-Short run by Moore, only shown part of on Saints broadcast. 3&1 converted exactly.
P5-Smoke to Curtis. Porter’s only playing 5 off and makes the tackle for no YAC.
P6-Daniel Graham? Not exactly explosive after the catch on this waggle action.
P7-Matthews gets bulled back into Locker, but the receivers and defenders are all on the left side of the field and Locker has clear sailing for 22 yards to the end zone.
Touchdown, 12-0

P1-Cobbs finds 5 yards up the middle as Egboh is the only DL to really do much. Clayton/Marks the pair at DT.
P2-No room up the middle, so Cobbs tries bouncing it and gets dragged down by McRath from behind.
P3-Billings drops the little sitdown, and it bounces right to Campbell.  Hooray, another fluke pick.
Interception, 12-0

P1-Moore gets tripped going through the hole by a DL on the ground or else he has a nice gain.
P2-Former Iowa star beats the backup guard and causes a big loss.  It seems like we had this play earlier in the game, but now it’s former Titan Mitch King beating Durand. Moore avoids the initial attack but King eventually makes the tackle anyway.
P3-RT Terry flagged for moving early.
P4-Locker doesn’t like what he sees, scrambles right, then eventually takes off. No downfield camera shots, so don’t know what he saw.
FG made, 15-0

P1-Blah, short run left.
P2-Short pass complete left.
P3-McRath tries to shoot the gap but can’t get through and Bell gets the corner for a big gain.
P4-Blah, short run.
P5-Short pass complete middle.
P6-Campbell with a PBU on 3rd down.
P7-S A.Smith maybe gets away with one on a 4th down PBU. I thought Canfield had something earlier.
Downs, 15-0

P1-Complete to Geer over the middle on the drag route, but he made Daniel Graham look explosive.
P2-Nice seals by Geer and Graham and Donaldson gets 9 on the edge.  All 3 of those guys have already been cut.
P3-Not much room for Donaldson right end.
P4-Graham whiffs on the DE, but at least recovers the fumble the DE causes. 3&1 becomes 4&1.
P5-LB overruns the play, no penetration, and Donaldson gets a bakers dozen for the fourth down conversion.
P6-Jump ball for Gage, maybe a little underthrown, broken up by the CB.
P7-Screen for Donaldson. Not elegantly blocked, but still gets 10.
P8-Stafon Johnson has a surprisingly decent cut and gets a couple yards, but Otto gets flagged for a clear hold.
P9-Decent in for Gage, plus he goes forward past the flat-footed linebacker and doubles the gain with YAC.
P10-Boot leg, and the Saints leave Hawk wide open in the end zone. Locker finds him for the score. CB probably screwed up.
Touchdown, 22-0

P1-Short pass middle.
P2-Nice stick by McCarthy for a loss.
P3-Short out complete.
P4-Short run.
P5-Short pass complete, wiped out by penalty.
P6-Short pass complete, nice strip by McCarthy.
P7-Complete middle to what looked like a zone void.
P8-Complete short middle
P9-Looks like a deep out or comeback complete in front of Campbell in what’s probably man.
P11-McCarthy pops Cobbs when the ball gets there and he can’t hang on.
P12-Draw, short run middle.
FG missed, half, 22-0.

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