Monday, October 24, 2011

Play Notes: 2011 Week 07 vs Houston-Run Defense

Data dump for another Total Titans post, this one on the rushing defense against the Texans in Week 7. Per normal practice, full details after the break.

Drive #1
1-10-HST 20 (15:00) A.Foster right tackle to HST 21 for 1 yard (C.Finnegan).
Titans bring two extra defenders down, Texans don't adjust and run right into the strength of the D. Foster gets the edge, but an unblocked Finnegan makes a solid tackle.

2-9-HST 21 (14:22) A.Foster right guard to HST 28 for 7 yards (S.Smith; J.McCourty).
Titans in nickel against Texans in 21, surprising. Titans bring a run blitz, Texans run away from it and Casey in particular gets moved at POA. McCourty was solid coming up in run support.

3-2-HST 28 (13:43) A.Foster left tackle to HST 27 for -1 yards (S.Smith).
This play is made by RDE Dave Ball and particularly RDT Shaun Smith. Smith is lined up at NT right over C Myers and shoves him well into the backfield and blows up the play. Ball plays a supporting role by getting good push against LT Brown and preventing Foster from getting a bounce. Really nice play by both guys.

Drive #2
1-10-HST 20 (10:42) A.Foster left end to HST 36 for 16 yards (M.Griffin).
Toss to Foster on the sweep. LDE Ball heads upfield, but gets crackblocked by WR Walter and LT Brown pulls. Sweep is to the two receiver side out of 21 personnel. Brown's pull (nice mobility) lets him pick off McCourty, but the key block is by WR Jones on Witherspoon. Spoon never establishes proper leverage and gets pushed downfield. I've written nice things about Will than most Titans fans, but that's because I haven't seen many plays like this one. This is a battle he can and should win, and he loses it badly.

Drive #3
1-10-HST 8 (8:43) A.Foster right tackle to HST 12 for 4 yards (J.Babineaux).
Texans in 12, though Daniels motions out to create a 1x2 look. Titans in nickel. Texans have 6 to block 6 and manage it. Ruud beats Myers' initial block, but gets picked by a pulling RG Brisel. The player whose work I'm curious about this play is LDE Morgan(?), who initially doesn't do anything, then engages playside TE Dreesseen. He rides him out of the play, but that takes him out of the way as well. Babineaux from the opposite site makes the tackle, but also credit Finnegan for getting off Walter's block.

1-10-HST 47 (5:47) B.Tate left end pushed ob at TEN 42 for 11 yards (M.Griffin). R4
PENALTY on TEN-W.Witherspoon, Unnecessary Roughness, 15 yards, enforced at TEN 42. X5
First note: the actual penalty was on Jones, not Spoon. He had a bad enough game without having to take responsibility for other people's mistakes. Same initial look by the Texans as the previous running play, though with Tate in for Foster. Titans are in base this time. RDE Sheppard and RDT/NT Marks are taken out by LT Brown and C Myers, with LG Smith shooting through to pick up Spoon. RG Brisel beats Klug to the spot and picks Ruud, while playside WR Johnson blocks Finnegan. Finny has a chance to stop him for no gain, but avoids a tough play and Griff has to come up from deep safety to make the play. Guys here to highlight are Sheppard, Marks, and Klug.

1-10-TEN 27 (5:25) B.Tate left tackle to TEN 24 for 3 yards (D.Ball).
21 against base personnel. Ball gets off Brown's block at the POA and grabs Tate, who falls forward for a couple yards. Casey and Smith would help if they weren't 5 yards downfield. Smith in particular got driven back by Myers, not one of his finer efforts. Spoon shoots the gap but gets picked up by Vickers, which is about what I'd expect.

2-7-TEN 24 (4:43) A.Foster right end to TEN 19 for 5 yards (B.Ruud).
Texans in 12, with a bunch of Walter and TEs Daniels/Dreesseen right side. Titans in nickel. Play goes about how you'd expect: front man in trips Daniels blocks down on LDE, outside guy blocks down on Finnegan man up on Daniels, inside back Dreessen and RT Winston pull. Credit McCourty for coming up and a force and Ruud for fighting off Winston's block to make the play.

3-2-TEN 19 (4:00) A.Foster up the middle to TEN 16 for 3 yards (B.Ruud). R6
Texans in 22, Titans in nickel (why? why? why?). Playcall is Foster on the cutback. Babs should have this play dead to rights as his initial move was to come flying in for the weakside. Unfortunately, he's on bootleg contain, headed straight for Schaub and is several yards too far downfield to get Foster. LDE Jones has been ridden downfield by RT Winston, and LDT Smith went down the line on the initial action and is blocked by RG Brisel. C Myers is to the second level. Ruud is kind of in the hole, kind of not (avoids getting picked by Myers), and brings down Foster as he dives forward for the first down. Credit Foster, who does a good job of slanting his run away from Ruud and taking away his leverage.

1-10-TEN 16 (3:24) B.Tate right end to TEN 17 for -1 yards (J.Casey).
21 against base. Winston and Daniels get a seal on LDE Jones(?), but tons of credit to LDT Casey. He gets off RG Brisel's initial block and quickly scoots down the line, beating Tate to the corner and stopping him for a loss. Just an awesome play by Casey, love to see more of this.

3-21-TEN 27 (2:11) (Shotgun) A.Foster up the middle to TEN 14 for 13 yards (M.Griffin).
11 personnel against nickel. Giveup draw. Playside TE Daniels blocks RDE Ball, LT Brown picks Ruud, who sheds the block but not quickly enough to get Foster in the hole. Pulling RG Smith picks LB Witherspoon. Damn, this team is good at blocking. Foster is eventually tackled downfield by Griffin. Demerit here to Babineaux, who comes up in from his safety position and dives for Foster, who easily cuts and avoids him.

Drive #4
1-10-HST 47 (10:23) A.Foster left guard to TEN 46 for 7 yards (J.Babineaux).
21 personnel against base. Hat on hat, a guy for everybody in the box. Demerits to LDE Sheppard, who's not really in the play but gets moved by RT Winston, DT Smith, who loses to Casey this time, not badly, but enough. Babs comes up from his safety position and makes the play. Credit also to Finny for getting off Jones' block and helping.

2-3-TEN 46 (9:47) A.Foster up the middle to TEN 36 for 10 yards (M.Griffin). R8
12 personnel, double tight right, against base. Titans this time bring a safety into the box. Babineaux, I think, though for some reason it sorta looks like Smith. He's unblocked. His job is backside contain. Foster makes the cut, right into him. He whiffs badly.

1-10-TEN 36 (9:09) B.Tate right tackle to TEN 33 for 3 yards (B.Ruud).
21 against base. Ruud's lined up 5 yards off the LOS, a little deeper than the other linebackers, and beats LG Smith's pick to the hole to tackle Tate. Really solid play by Ruud. LDE Jones gets moved out of the way at the point of attack and a free RG Brisel has blocked Spoon out of the play. Myers is standing firm against Smith-losing, but not enough to disrupt the play.

1-10-TEN 12 (8:07) A.Foster right end to TEN 10 for 2 yards (J.McCourty).
12 against nickel. Foster run to the two wide receiver side. Slagged him some, but credit to LDE Jones for forcing Foster to string this play out. He eventually gets outside of Foster and forces him to cut up and dive forward for a couple yards. Gee, it'd be nice to have a back who could do that, wouldn't it?

Drive #5
1-10-HST 6 (5:41) A.Foster right guard to HST 7 for 1 yard (K.Klug).
12 against nickel. Walter motions again, creating the same look at the previous play. LDT Marks gets pancaked at the point of attack, Myers and Winston get to pick second-level defenders. LDE Morgan takes an outside rush and prevents Foster from going right end but he has space to go inside (TE Daniels is on him). Credit on the play goes to Klug, who does really stand up when LG Smith hits him but is still able to keep his motion going playside and eventually runs into Foster. Credit as well to RDE Sheppard, who doesn't prevent LT Brown from getting to the second level but who does get backfield penetration and scoots down the LOS as well. Without the end zone angle, tough to be sure, but I think Klug in particular and maybe Marks just being on the ground prevented this from being a double-digit gainer.

Drive #6
1-10-TEN 30 (1:32) A.Foster up the middle to TEN 27 for 3 yards (K.Klug).
11 against nickel. DTs Klug and Marks run a twist, which screws up the blocking. Klug gets his hand on Foster as he goes by, and an unblocked Ruud falls forward to get the stop.

Drive #7
1-10-HST 28 (12:00) A.Foster right tackle pushed ob at HST 45 for 17 yards (J.McCourty). R17
12 against base. Good job by RDE Ball and 5th man on line ROLB Ayers to block off the left side, but LDE Jones gets moved on the backside. Jordan Babineaux abandons his outside contain and doubles up with Witherspoon on the inside of Jones, leaving the outside free.

1-10-HST 45 (11:30) B.Tate right tackle pushed ob at TEN 38 for 17 yards (J.Babineaux). R18
21 against base, run goes away from the two WR side. This is just hat-on-hat stuff on the outside zone. Sure, Witherspoon has solid contain on the backside, but LDE Jones and Ayers get single-blocked, RG Brisel picks Ruud, and I'm not enamored of the angle Jordan Babineaux takes on the play either. LDT Casey also gets too easily reach-blocked(?) by C Myers, which freed up Brisel. If that doesn't happen, this is about a 3-yard gain.

1-10-TEN 38 (10:58) B.Tate up the middle to TEN 14 for 24 yards (B.Ruud). R19
12 personnel, against Daniel motions to create a 2x1 look. Titans in base, again with a 6-man front designed to set the edge. Initial action is to the left, but this is a cutback up the middle. LDT Marks (lined up at NT) gets moved initially, then decides to scoot down the line, abandoning where Tate ends up running. He should have him in the hole, but doesn't. RG Brisel kind of cuts him, but if he's where I think he should be, that doesn't much better. C Myers gets downfield and picks Ruud, who's the only guy not on the line. Tate eludes Babineaux and Finnegan downfield to turn about a 12 yard gain into 24.

1-10-TEN 14 (10:14) A.Foster up the middle to TEN 10 for 4 yards (K.Klug). TEN-B.Ruud was injured during the play. His return is Questionable.
12 against base. More really solid stuff by the Texans, picking everybody. Klug makes this play, getting off Myers and getting to the hole. Griff was about 8 yards downfield to make the play if Klug didn't. Ruud fills the hole, but gets blocked by Daniels and Foster runs somewhere other than straight into him.

1-1-TEN 1 (9:10) A.Foster right tackle for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN.
Texans in goalline, 23, against 53, I think, for the Titans. LDE Morgan gets double-teamed and moved back a yard or two by RT Winston and TE Daniels (key play his assist), LDT Casey gets moved back by RG Brisel, FB Vickers gets EMLOS Babineaux, NT Smith gets knocked to the ground, and RDT Marks can't get there in time. Whatever Smith was doing looked designed, so the guy I'd point the finger at here is Casey.

At this point in the game, it's 27-0 and effectively over, so I'm just going to highlight a couple of plays from the drive that made it 34-7.

Drive #9
2-8-TEN 27 (12:53) B.Tate left end to TEN 12 for 15 yards (J.Jones). R25
12 against base, Daniels again motioning out to create a 2x1 look. RDT Casey tries to shoot a gap and gets knocked to the ground by LT Brown. RDE Ball gets sealed by TE Dreessen (disappointing), LG Smith picks Ruud, TE Walter blocks Ayers (disappointing), Daniels has Finnegan, and Tate has himself an alley.

1-10-TEN 12 (12:05) B.Tate up the middle to TEN 2 for 10 yards (J.Babineaux; M.Griffin). R26
12 against base, 2-TE with 2WR right. Not a lot to say here, just more hat-on-hat stuff. Finnegan has outside contain, but Tate's taking this one up the middle. Griffin kind of gets run over at the end of the play, or at least you'd like to see him stop Tate short of the first down. DTs on the play are Marks, who gets single-blocked by Myers too easily, and Klug, who barely slows down LG Smith on his way to the second level.

1-2-TEN 2 (11:31) B.Tate right tackle to TEN 4 for -2 yards (W.Witherspoon; S.Smith).
Both teams in goalline, 23 against 53. Lots of credit here to LDT Klug, who does exactly what I wanted Casey to do against Brisel on Foster's TD. Credit also to Witherspoon for outside contain.

2-4-TEN 4 (10:44) A.Foster right end to TEN 5 for -1 yards (B.Ruud; W.Witherspoon).
12 against base, with 2WR left. Credit JBabs for doing a good job of getting upfield and in Foster's way even though he gets blocked by Vickers. Credit here particularly goes to LDE Jones, who could've drawn a holding call on Winston, and LDT Klug. The guards don't get to the second level, leaving Ruud and Witherspoon to fill the two gaps and easily bottle up Foster.

3-5-TEN 5 (10:00) A.Foster left tackle for 5 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
11 against nickel. RDT Klug gets too easily reached by Myers, and LG Smith easily picks up Ruud. RDE Ball gets moved just enough by LT Brown. Finny coming in from his slot blitz has kind of a chance, but is stuck with a bad angle and no leverage. An unblocked Griffin should have Foster, but Arian is run away from him and get an easy score to make it 34-7.

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