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Tennessee Titans Estimated 2012 Salary Cap-MOVED


For the past several years, I've attempted to keep track of the Tennessee Titans salary cap situation. As with the All-22 footage, the NFL doesn't necessarily want you to have this information, so getting accurate numbers is a non-trivial task. The following numbers should be considered estimates only and should be relied on at your own risk. Numbers in italics in particular should be regarded as educated guesses. Use of 1 represents an unknown non-zero quantity.

Afalava, AlFutures
Aguilar, DevinUDFA
Amano, EugeneSalary$3,182,500
Signing Bonus1,450,000
Roster Bonus?500,000Guess based on reported 2012 cap amount
Ayers, AkeemSalary598,932
Signing Bonus520,728
Babineaux, JordanSalary1,200,000
Signing Bonus200,000
Bailey, PatrickSalary830,000
Signing Bonus100,000
Ball, DaveSalary825,000$100,000 guaranteed
Signing Bonus200,000
Roster Bonus247,000
Bardon, BrandenUDFA
Batson, WillUDFA
Bias, GeorgeUDFA
Bironas, RobSalary2,850,000
Signing Bonus825,000
Britt, KennySalary755,000
Option Bonus733,750
Signing Bonus250,000
Brinkley, BeauUDFA
Brown, TonySigning Bonus1Dead Money
Brown, ZachSalary390,000
Signing Bonus311,509
Campbell, TommieSalary465,000
Signing Bonus11,500
Casey, JurrellSalary490,000
Signing Bonus153,750
Clayton, ZachSalary465,000
Signing Bonus27,500
Cook, JaredSalary615,000
Signing Bonus175,000
Curran, RennieSigning Bonus322,200Dead Money
Davis, HallSigning Bonus1Dead Money
Dawson, KeyuntaFutures
Deadder, ChaseUDFA
Diles, ZacSalary700,000Cap charge of salary likely $540,000
Divens, LamarSalary540,000
Donaldson, HerbFutures
Douzable, LegerSalary700,000Cap charge of salary $540,000
Durand, RyanFutures
Egboh, PannelFutures
Evans, LaQuintonUDFA
Graham, CameronFutures
Graham, DanielSalary2,000,000
Signing Bonus666,667
Griffin, MichaelSalary6,212,000Franchise Tag (not signed)
Harper, JamieSalary465,000
Signing Bonus95,750
Harris, DaJohnUDFA
Harris, LeroySalary2,700,000
Signing Bonus1
Hasselbeck, MattSalary5,500,000
Signing Bonus2,000,000
Hawkins, ChrisSalary465,000
Hawkins, LavelleSalary800,000
Signing Bonus666,667
Haye, JovanSigning Bonus1,000,000Dead Money
Hutchinson, SteveSalary2,000,000
Signing Bonus1,500,000
Ingram, JakeFutures
Johnson, ChrisSalary8,000,000Subject to $250,000 workout reduction
Signing Bonus 150,0002008 contract
Option Bonus966,0002008 contract
Signing Bonus 22,000,0002011 extension
Johnson, QuinnSalary615,000
Johnson, RobertSalary540,000
Signing Bonus95,000Dead Money
Kern, BrettSalary706,000
Kirkendoll, JamesFutures
Klug, KarlSalary465,000
Signing Bonus49,250
Kropog, TroyFutures
Signing Bonus101,125Dead Money
Locker, JakeSalary947,091
Signing Bonus1,912,500
Malast, KevinSalary465,000
Mariani, MarcSalary540,000
Signing Bonus14,850
Marks, Sen'DerrickSalary615,000
Signing Bonus235,000
Martin, MarkelleSalary390,000
Signing Bonus24,724
Martin, MikeSalary390,000
Signing Bonus141,890
Matthews, KevinSalary540,000
McCarthy, ColinSalary465,000
Signing Bonus113,850
McCourty, JasonSalary1,260,000
Signing Bonus22,455
McRath, GeraldSalary645,000
Signing Bonus106,531
Mooney, CollinUDFA
Morgan, DerrickSalary725,000
Signing Bonus200,000
Option Bonus1,195,000
Roster Bonus115,000Possibly workout-related
Mouton, RyanSalary615,000
Signing Bonus165,938
Murdock, O.J.UDFA
Otto, MichaelSalary750,000
Signing Bonus375,000
Preston, MichaelFutures
Reynaud, DariusFutures
Ringer, JavonSalary615,000
Signing Bonus36,635
Roos, MichaelSalary5,500,000
Signing Bonus1,500,000
Scott, ChristianUDFA
Sensabaugh, Coty390,000
Signing Bonus108,000
Shaw, TimSalary830,000
Signing Bonus100,000
Sheppard, MalcolmSalary540,000
Solomon, ScottDraft Pick
Smith, RustySalary540,000
Signing Bonus28,500
Smith, ShaunSalary1
Stephens, NickUDFA
Stevens, CraigSalary1,000,000
Signing Bonus1,125,000
Stewart, DaveSalary5,000,000
Signing Bonus1,000,000
Stingily, ByronSalary465,000
Signing Bonus27,625
Thompson, TaylorDraft Pick
Velasco, FernandoSalary615,000
Verner, AlterraunSalary540,000
Signing Bonus132,000
Vlachos, WilliamUDFA
Washington, NateSalary3,400,000
Signing Bonus900,000
Wheatley, TerrenceFutures
Whiting, DarrylUDFA
Wilburn, GaryUDFA
Williams, DamianSalary540,000
Signing Bonus205,500
Wimbley, KamerionSalary2,500,000
Signing Bonus1,800,000
Witherspoon, WillSalary3,500,000
Signing Bonus1,000,000
Woods, D.J.UDFA
Wright, KendallDraft Pick
UDFA Bonus Amount75,528Estimate

Guide to Notes
  • Dead Money: If a player is cut by an NFL team before the termination of his existing contract, any guaranteed money, particularly signing bonus, remains on the books and counts against the salary cap.
  • Draft Pick: Player was selected by the Titans in the 2012 NFL draft, but has not yet signed a rookie contract. I will add drafted players once they sign contracts. Aaron Wilson indicates the Titans have been allocated $4.48 million to sign their drafted players.
  • Estimate: The amount is estimated. For the UDFA Bonus Amount row, the current Collective Bargaining Agreement imposed a maximum aggregate bonus amount to rookie undrafted free agents of $75,000. For 2012, that amount was raised to $76,585. The current figure is based on first-year proration for 2012 and dead money from the Titans cutting all their UDFAs in 2011, in both cases assuming the Titans spent up to the maximum. For the Missing row, that amount is calculated based on the difference between my totals for individual contracts and the reported aggregate salary cap amount.
  • Futures: Player has signed a futures contract. Players who sign a futures contract are, generally speaking, not likely to make a 53-man NFL roster, and if they do likely will be making at or close to the league minimum.
  • Total: Estimate for all players under contract. Note that this excludes futures contracts, and is not the same as the current Titans salary cap figure for NFL purposes. My best estimate is the Titans currently have about $16.7 million in salary cap room.
  • UDFA: Player signed a contract with the Titans after not being selected in the 2012 draft (plus Will Batson and Collin Mooney, who were technically eligible for prior drafts but were not selected and have no regular season NFL experience, and O.J. Murdock, a 2011 UDFA who spent all of 2011 on injured reserve). The Titans have not kept a rookie undrafted free agent on the active roster in several seasons, so, like Futures players, I have not added salary information. UDFAs customarily sign three-year contracts during which they are paid the minimum salary each season (for 2012 first-year players, said minimum salary is $390,000).

Known Unknowns:
To make these tables more complete, these are the amounts I know are not right or do not know are right: Eugene Amano-explanation for difference between known numbers and reported 2012 cap value (confirmation of bonus); Patrick Bailey-salary (estimated to be exact same as similar deal signed by Tim Shaw); Tony Brown-dead money related to signing bonus from 2010 contract extension; Lamar Divens-signing bonus, if any, from Feb. 2012 one-year deal; Hall Davis-signing bonus confirmation and amount;  Zac Diles-signing bonus, if any, from May 2012 contract; Leger Douzable-signing bonus, if any, from April 2012 one-year deal; Leroy Harris-signing bonus, if any, from 2011 contract extension (reported APY of two-year deal $3.15 million); Chris Johnson-confirmation signing bonus 1 and option bonus amount from original 2008 contract apply and explanation of approximately $400,000 difference between numbers shown and reported 2012 cap value; Brett Kern-signing and other bonus from 2011 contract extension, if any; Markelle Martin-signing bonus from May 2012 rookie deal; and Shaun Smith-salary and signing bonus, if any, from 2011 three-year deal.

2012-05-22: Whoops, I forgot O.J. Murdock.

2012-05-21: Titans signed draft picks Markelle Martin and Zach Brown. I haven't seen a confirmed signing bonus amount for Martin. Brown signed for exactly what I predicted he'd get, to the dollar. Terry McCormick indicated Coty Sensabaugh's signing bonus was for my initial projection, so I'm going with that for now. Adjusted a couple other numbers I should've fixed long before now. I spent some more time mucking around with Missing. My head hurts, because I can't square everything I think I know. Lowered Missing by about $1 million for reasons I'm not entirely convinced are right but still believe.
2012-05-16: Titans signed Mike Martin. Martin's total deal was reported at $2.72 million. The negotiations for third-round picks have been complicated, in that last year some, including Jurrell Casey, received future base salaries in excess of the applicable minimum, but others apparently did not. Jim Wyatt indicated that Martin's deal was for minimum salaries, but that doesn't square with the deal value unless the Titans paid an out-of-slot signing bonus (unlikely) or there's other future money (possible). Not an issue for 2012. Adjusted Sensabaugh's signing bonus amount slightly. (Mini-update: Aaron Wilson provided Martin's signing bonus, which was not out-of-slot.)
2012-05-15: The Titans today confirmed the previously-reported Coty Sensabaugh signing. As indicated in the notes, Sensabaugh's total contract was for $2.5 million, which based on a standard four-year rookie contract indicates $400,000 in additional compensation (only the 4 is significant). My projection for Sensabaugh's signing bonus was $432,000, so I'm using that as a placeholder for his actual signing bonus. I have projections for the Titans' other rookies as well, but don't feel like publishing them. Added Zac Diles contract information; I think it's likely he received a small enough amount of guaranteed money to be subject for the same cap adjustment that applied to Jordan Babineaux in 2011 and that was reported to apply to Leger Douzable's deal this year, but haven't seen confirmation of that.
2012-05-01: Greetings, Zac Diles and Collin Mooney, and goodbye, Will Ta'ufo'ou and Lawrence Wilson. Updated draft pick language (added 4-30) with reported rookie pool amount. Added camp leg Will Batson; not going to bother with salary information for him unless I see it.
2012-04-30: Added draft picks (no rookie amount yet) and undrafted rookie free agent signings, including UDFA bonus amount. Corrected Fernando Velasco's salary and updated Missing accordingly (he has one more credited season for salary purposes than he does accrued seasons for free agency purposes).
2012-04-17: Added Dave Ball specifics courtesy of Terry McCormick. Rotoworld indicates the roster bonus may be per-game, which is a mechanism I know Andrew Brandt has written about using when he was with the Packers. In that case, it would be roughly $15,450 per game.
2012-04-13: Added Dave Ball. Removed remaining UFAs. Clarified "Total" definition.
2012-04-07: Added Kevin Malast salary, which was incorporated in the total but which I'd neglected to update. Bye, William Hayes and Barrett Ruud. Officially decided I didn't trust the existing Derrick Morgan numbers, which I had trouble reconciling with the rest of the contract, so I went digging around some more and found some more enlightening ones. My guess is that Morgan did not hit his LTBE playing-time incentive, but I'd need a very good source of information to confirm that. Officially decided I trusted Kenny Britt's signing bonus amount after some more poking around. After some more mucking around using LaCanfora's information, which I'm treating as "known good," updated Missing amount by kicking it up around $1 million.
2012-04-03: Added Tim Shaw and Leger Douzable. Shaw received the same aggregate deal as Patrick Bailey, so I am tentatively assuming Bailey's annual salaries are the same as what Jim Wyatt reported Shaw is getting. No financial info on Douzable that I've seen. Updated Missing amount based on LaCanfora's March 30 reported total and other known information. Sooner or later I'll do a writeup on the Titans' overall cap situation, including my guesstimate of the rookie pool amount.
2012-03-31: Kam Wimbley salary confirmed. Removed Donnie Avery. Formatting fixes. Updated reported official cap total. Table updates coming later.
2012-03-20: Welcome, Kamerion Wimbley. Contract info courtesy of Adam Caplan. Salary estimate based on reported total first year compensation less signing bonus.
2012-03-19: Removed Jason Jones, who signed with Seattle. Added Jordan Babineaux, Patrick Bailey, and Kevin Malast information courtesy of Rotoworld.
2012-03-17: Steve Hutchinson contract details added courtesy of Pro Football Talk.
2012-03-16: Added Steve Hutchinson's signing bonus of $4.5 million per Bob McGinn. Per PFT, the Titans had $26.2 million in cap space as of March 15. Based on an overall base salary cap figure of $120.6 million, carryover of $8.1 million, and a Redskins/Cowboys bonus of $1.643 million, the Titans have approximately $130,343,000 to spend this season.
2012-03-15: Titans announced they signed G Steve Hutchinson to what Terry McCormick reports is a three-year, $16 million deal. Did a little cleanup re UFA, including reflecting start of new league year and removing Finnegan for signing elsewhere. I'll be removing UFAs as they sign or as time passes.
2012-03-13: The Titans announced they re-signed Patrick Bailey to a multi-year contract. Additionally, Malcolm Sheppard and Fernando Velasco signed their exclusive rights free agent tenders. Further, Jordan Babineaux was re-signed, or will be officially once the new league year starts; Alex Marvez reports it's a two year deal worth a maximum of $5 million.
2012-03-11: Daniel Kaplan reports the safety franchise tag amount is officially $6.212 million. Added Leroy Harris 2012 salary per Rotoworld, and updated Missing amount.
2012-03-06: Added Michael Griffin's franchise tag from yesterday. I have the amount marked as an estimate, but $6.2 million should be pretty close to the final figure. Rotoworld updates: Robert Johnson salary, Karl Klug signing bonus ($197,000, estimated at $196,000).
2012-02-22: Terry McCormick indicates the Titans' cap figure is $94.5 million. The offseason cap amount is based the top-51 contracts, plus potentially some of the other contracts for reasons I'm pretty sure are not currently germane to the Titans. I have the Titans with 42 players under contract; estimating the futures players at my standard guess of $500,000 each, the Titans have roughly $90 million for the 42 players under contract. Adjusted the totals to account for that. Added Lamar Divens' salary and updated Jamie Harper's signing bonus ($383,000, estimated at $376,000), both per Rotoworld.
2012-02-15: Added Lamar Divens. Incorporated new information from Rotoworld page, including signing bonus and salary information for Tommie Campbell and Jurrell Casey and a few other tidbits.
2012-02-13: Added Lavelle Hawkins contract information courtesy of Terry McCormick.
2012-02-10: Titans re-signed Mike Otto, who was scheduled to become a UFA; base salary and signing bonus courtesy of Jim Wyatt. Titans re-signed Lavelle Hawkins, scheduled to become a UFA; financial terms undisclosed. Chris Hawkins is apparently under contract for 2012 and not an ERFA.
2012-02-09: Per Brian McIntyre, Jason McCourty hit an incentive that increased his base salary in 2012 from $615,000. Also listed Leroy Harris's reported APY as his salary.
2012-02-06: My colleague at Football Outsiders Brian McIntyre, who has the sources to know, lists Malcolm Sheppard as an exclusive rights free agent, which I thought was the case, and Fernando Velasco as an exclusive rights free agent as well. I thought Velasco had an accrued season from 2009, which would have made him a restricted free agent, but apparently he did not.
2012-01-31: Sort of figured out some more information about 2011 rookie deals, including what should be more accurate bonus estimates. See this rookie salary explanation from Ted Sundquist, though note it doesn't seem to have been universally applied.
2012-01-29: Added some updates from the Rotoworld page not included in my spreadsheet, and also corrected some minimum salary bumps associated with the 2011 CBA I had overlooked.
2012-01-27: Chart first published with initial introductory and explanatory text.

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