Monday, May 28, 2012


I hate the new blogger re-design that's being forced on me, plus Residual Prolixity is a really dumb name for a football blog. Thus, a new wordpress site and a new name that more accurately reflects what I'm trying to do here. Welcome Reading and Thinking Football.

I've been playing around with that site for a month or so, and it's still definitely a work in progress. I've just recently started posting actual content there, including a new book review of North Dallas Forty, a post on Stewart Mandel's NFL projections from when I got cranky on draft day, and a post on NFL guaranteed contracts.

I'm going to leave this site up, but don't plan on making any changes to it. That includes changes to recurring features, including adding book reviews to the sidebar (note North Dallas Forty isn't and won't be listed there; see instead here) or updates to the Titans salary cap page (see instead here) or my FO archive (see instead here). Instead, bookmark and follow me over there. I won't promise more blogging, but there should be more new content and in particular commentary there than there's been here lately.